Solar-to-Electrical Energy System Design

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ali Kujoory, Department of Engineering Science

Waleed Atallah, 3rd from left, in a group picture with people participating in the project.

In this project, the student will learn about alternative energy sources, solar panels, power systems, batteries and voltage regulators, voltage converters, and electrical measurements, as well as solar panel characterization. The project has two parts. In Part A, the student will learn about solar energy, its conversion to electrical energy and system design, and how to convert 12V to 5V to feed the power electronic devices. In Part B, the student will work in the mechanical shop to build the mobile holding structure and assemble the solar panels connected to the voltage regulator, the battery and the voltage converter for the electronics. The electrical testing will be done in the lab and outside under the sun. Participating student must be willing to work in the mechanical shop, electronics lab, and outside in the sun on campus and be interested in mechanical assembly.