Linguistics Minor in the English Department

The English Department offers a minor in linguistics; this is a cross-disciplinary minor that includes courses from English, Modern Languages, Anthropology, AMCS and Chicano/Latino studies. This minor is attractive to students interested in complementing their major with an understanding of language and language analysis. The minor consists of 20 units (see worksheet). Students wishing to enroll in the Minor in Linguistics should consult with the Program Coordinator (Dr. Greta Vollmer, Nichols Hall 332) or the Linguistics Advisors listed on the worksheet.



Introductory Courses

  • ENG 203 Introduction to Linguistics (Dr. Inge Stockburger) F 2-5:40
    (Satisfies GE Area D5)
  • ANTH 200 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (Dr. Amanda Morrison) T/TH 8-9:15
    (Satisfies GE Area D5)
  • ENG 379 Pedagogical Grammar (Dr. Catherine Kroll) M/W 12-1:50

Advanced Courses

  • AMCS 395/CIP (Community Involvement Project) (Dr. Leny Strobel)
    Participation as an intern in language revitalization programs of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria or the California Indian Museum Contact Dr.Strobel for more information
  • SPAN 300 Advanced Spanish (Dr. Joseph Harrington) M/W 10-11:50
  • SPAN 304 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (Bilingualism) (Dr. Robert Train) T/TH 3-4:50 *Fluent speakers/readers of Spanish only
  • SPAN 400 Topics in Linguistics (Dr. Robert Train) M/W 4-5:50 *Fluent speakers/readers of Spanish only

If you have questions, please contact the Linguistics Coordinator (Greta Vollmer, or the Linguistics Advisor in your department.