First-time Freshman Applicants: Have I been admitted?

When will I know if I’ve been accepted to EOP at Sonoma State University?

SSU Admittance
You must be admitted to SSU
before we review your EOP Application. NOTE: The SSU Admissions office will make admission decisions starting December 1, 2014.

SSU EOP Supplemental Form
The EOP Admissions Team will review your EOP application. If additional information is needed to determine your EOP eligibility, we will mail you an EOP Supplemental Form. Consideration of your eligibility for EOP will be on hold until we receive your completed Supplemental Form.

SSU Financial Aid Office Verification
If you appear eligible for EOP at SSU after we review your EOP application (and Supplemental form if required), we will request verification from the SSU Financial Aid office that your family income meets EOP income eligibility guidelines. You must have submitted your FAFSA before the Financial Aid Office can verify your eligibility for EOP. Income eligibility verification will begin in late January of 2015.

Letters of Recommendation
Both of your letters of recommendation must be received before your eligibility for EOP can be determined.

If you have met all the steps above, please email us at and we will check your EOP status.