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Two letters of recommendation are required for EOP at Sonoma State University.

The deadline for the letters is March 2.

If a referrer has not received the recommendation request email, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into your CSUMentor account
Step 2: Click on Apply
Step 3: Click on Educational Opportunity Program
Step 4: Go to the EOP Application manager and resume your application
Step 5: Click on the "Letters of Recommendation" button
Step 6: Select the resend button on the Referrer to resend the email

If you need further assistance after following these steps please call CSUMentor Student Support at 800-468-6927.

EOP Contact Information
Mail: EOP Office, Salazar 1070
Sonoma State University
1801 E. Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
Fax: 707-664-3999
Scan/Email: eop@sonoma.edu

PLEASE NOTE: The SSU EOP Office does not have access to CSUMentor to add, delete or update information for your Letters of Recommendation.


  • How do I change my referrers?

A: You cannot change your referrers if they HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED the Letter of Recommendation forms. If they have not submitted, follow the steps above and select the Edit Button. You can then edit the referrer information.

  • What if my referrer is not getting the link for my recommendation, can I re-send the recommendation request?

A: Yes, please see the steps above to access the referrers in CSUMentor. If your referrer doesn't receive the CSUMentor email, contact CSUMentor Student Support at 800-468-6927.

  • Can I mail, fax or scan/email my recommendation letters?

A: Yes. See the Contact Information section above.

  • What if I checked the Submit by paper option for a letter of recommendation and changed my mind?

A: You CANNOT change the delivery option from paper to email.
You can download the letter of recommendation form by using the following steps.

  • On the CSUMentor website, click on the "College Planning" Tab

  • Click on the "Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) link

  • On the right side of the page there is an EOP menu box. Click on the PDF, "EOP Information and Application Forms" and navigate to the Letters of Recommendation form.

Referrers can mail, fax or scan/email the recommendations to the SSU EOP Office. See the Contact Information section above.

  • I have a recommendation letter that is not written using the EOP letter of recommendation form. Is it a valid letter of recommendation?

A: Yes, you can mail, fax, or scan/email the letter. See the Contact Information section above.

  • Who should write a Letter of Recommendation?

A: A counselor, teacher, community member, or employer who can comment about your potential to succeed in college. The recommendation should NOT be completed by a family member or by the EOP Applicant.