Eligibility Requirements

Sonoma State University's Seawolf Scholars Program does not have a formal application process. All students who meet the criteria below will be admitted.

  • Are highly motivated students
  • Meet with the Seawolf Scholars Program Coordinator
  • Qualify for admission to Sonoma State University as a freshman or transfer student
  • Qualify for "Independent Student Status" under federal financial aid guidelines
  • Must be a current or former Foster Youth

Official Sonoma State University Foster Youth Definition:
"Foster Youth" is defined on the Sonoma State University Campus as an individual who had an open juvenile dependency case for a single day. Also accepted under the Foster Youth definition is Unaccompanied Minor/ Orphan, Emancipated through the juvenile court system, and Independent by Appeal*. Special cases in question will be reviewed by the Seawolf Scholars Program Coordinator and Review Board.

*Independent by appeal must be updated yearly.