Seawolf Scholars Community Building Events

pictures of Foster Youth - Sonoma State

Community Building Events

Hosted through out each semester are opportunities for Seawolf Scholars to meet, connect with fellow scholars, and build a community.  Previous events have included: Ice cream socials, Geocaching, Welcome Back Celebrations, and more.  We look forward to seeing you at the next event! Events in the past have included: Geocaching, Annual North Bay Foster Youth Summit, Welcome Backs, Homeroom, and more.

- During our Geocaching event the Seawolf Scholars gather to hung for local Geocaches. Seawolf Scholars has places their own Geocache on campus, find it if you can! (Hint: You may have to pay a toll fare. That is all we will give you!) What is Geocaching? Watch this short video to find out!

- Welcome Backs are held semesterly to welcome all Scholars back to campus, and to kick off a new semester!

- North Bay Foster Youth Summit is hosted by SSU to welcome current and foster youth to SSU. Students come from the surrounding Foster Youth Programs and are shown campus recourses, given a tour by current Seawolf Scholars, participate in numerous activities, while also having the opportunity to meet new friends.

- Ice Cream Socials give Seawolf Scholars the opportunity to meet and participate in community building activities.