Sonoma State University
Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association

We have vacancies on our Executive Board. We urge general members of ERFA to help the association by serving on the Board. We meet several times a year, as needed, generally in the Faculty Center on floor 1 of Schulz. Rashmi Singh has just resigned from the Board, as she has moved to San José. So we are short a full complement of Board members. Right now the position of Secretary is open, and so is Membership Officer. Sally Hurtado remains President, Rick Luttmann is Treasurer and also Academic Senate Representative. (Bob Plantz, though not on the Board, is our web-master.)

CalPERS Notes

  • By now you should have received a mail ballot for this election for a Retiree representative on the CalPERS Board. You have three choices for how to cast your vote. In any event your ballot must be RECEIVED by September 30, 2019.

    Note it's too late to attend the candidates' forum in Sacramento, which took place September 10.

    • In cases you should wish to make any change in your CalPERS Health Coverage, note that CalPERS Health Plan Open Enrollment period is September 9 through October 4, 2019.

    Upcoming Events

    • CSU-ERFSA Grant Awards Program

      Applications for the 2019 cycle will be accepted beginning July 1, 2019. The submission deadline is October 31, 2019. Click on Grants in the menu on the left for links to the complete information.

    • Medicare Part B

      This is more of a heads up from CSU-ERFSA than an Event.

      Dear Colleagues and Friends,

      If you will be subject to the Medicare Part B Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA), you may be eligible to a full or partial reimbursement for this from CalPERS. I have posted information on our News & Views Page on how to apply for the reimbursement. Note that CalPERS automatically reimburses you for the basic Medicare Part B Premium, but not for the IRMAA reimbursement. You must apply for that each year.

      To access the article go to:

      Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


      Mark Shapiro, CSU-ERFSA webmaster

    • CSU Fire Relief Fund

      Dear Colleagues,

      As you know, in the past few weeks California has had the worst fires in the history of our State. The Camp, Hill and Woolsey fires consumed over 233 square miles of brush and forest and destroyed more than 10,000 homes . At last count, 77 people have died while almost a thousand are still missing.

      These disasters directly affect three CSU campuses- Chico, Channel Islands, and Stanislaus. Chico was by far the hardest hit, with an estimated 216 employee and student homes lost and 1,000 residents displaced from their abodes. Though we don’t have detailed data, our colleagues at the Channel Islands and Stanislaus campuses were also victims of forest fires.

      CSU-ERFSA strongly recommends that you donate to one or more of the relief funds at these campuses in order to support our colleagues and students during this extremely difficult phase of their lives. Send your contributions to:


      You can also be of great help by spreading the word about these relief efforts to the colleagues on your campus as well as your family, friends and neighbors.

      Bill Blischke, President


    • Contact Information for ERFA Members

      Our SSU-ERFA Executive Board is working on obtaining email addresses for all of our members. One of the problems with the recent vote is that the CSU-ERFA office does not have email addresses for all of the members. This is one of the reasons why some paid CSU-ERFA members did not receive the email containing the ballot for the recent vote. Our chapter is working diligently to obtain email addresses for all of our members. This is a challenging task that we are undertaking. We will work closely with CSU-ERFA office, but we will need to ask for your cooperation to help us obtain this information.

      There are many addressees on our mailing list who are not officially members of ERFA. That is fine – we share the information we provide with anyone interested.

      But you need to be aware that just because you get our emails doesn't mean you're officially a member. Membership in the Sonoma State Chapter is automatic with membership in the statewide organization, CSU-ERFA. There are dues, but quite nominal: at most $10 a month, depending on your PERS check – which you can arrange to have deducted from your PERS check. Or you can make an annual payment. Official membership grants you, among other things, the right to vote in CSU-ERFA elections.

      To join the organization, check out this web-site:

    • Fire Response Working Group

      Initial Meeting

      • Thursday, March 8, 2018
      • Schulz Hall, Room 3001
      • 1:00 - 2:00 PM

      In the aftermath of the devastating fires that impacted our community, and in recognition of the ongoing challenges our community will face as a result, the Center for Community Engagement is composing a Fire Response Working Group. The working group is open to all university community members. The focus of the group will be to match community needs with SSU community resources and to increase collaboration among SSU faculty, staff, and students. These resources may take the form of service-learning courses, community-based research, or volunteerism.

      We plan to meet once a month. If you are interested, please come to our initial meeting. If you are unable to attend this initial meeting, please contact Missy Garvin at to indicate your interest.


      Dear Fellow Members of SSU-ERFA

      CSU-ERFA is asking the chapters on different campuses to provide information on the types of involvement its members are continuing to have with their home campus once they have retired from working there. They have provided us with a list which you will find here of some 19 possibilities activities that might be either currently happening or at least possible on some of the campuses. If you have at least recently been doing any of these activities on the list at SSU we ask that you send an e-mail with the number associated with the appropriate item or items on the list and if you include #19 (other) we ask that you tell us what that activity is.

      Please send your e-mail with this info to Sally Hurtado

    Who We Are:

    The SSU Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (SSU-ERFA) provides opportunities for maintaining professional relations with colleagues; works to address concerns and preserve the rights and benefits of emeritus and retired faculty and staff; provides a voice for retired faculty through an elected representative to the SSU Academic Senate; and, keeps up to date with the statewide organization, California State University - Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association (CSU-ERFA), which protects the rights of retired California State University faculty and staff.

    When you join CSU-ERFA you automatically become a member of SSU-ERFA. Please visit the CSU-ERFA website to learn the many benefits of membership, including a Grants Award Program. Download and complete the CSU-ERFA membership application or call the CSU-ERFA office at (818) 718-7996 to request an application.

    SSU-ERFA sponsors local events, usually two each semester. Our next event will be in Fall 2015. Watch here for details as they become available..

    In addition to its affiliation with CSU-ERFA, SSU-ERFA has its own Bylaws. Our activities are governed by our Executive Board. If you are an emeritus or retired faculty member from another CSU campus and live near Sonoma State, you are most welcome to join us.

    SSU Staff are also invited to join ERFA. SSU-ERFA is one of several ERFA programs that invites staff as well as faculty to the program to enjoy all of the member benefits.