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  • CSU-ERFA Small Grants Program

    Happy to let you know that CSU-ERFA Grants are now available. If you are interested, you can get further information at www.csuerfsa.org/index.php/csu-erfsa-grant-awards-program.

    Application must be submitted electronically. See application for specific information.

    Sally Hurtado de Lopez

  • Possible CSU-ERFA Fraudulent Vote

    Follow-Up Letter from SSU-ERFA Presicent Sally Hurtado - April 22, 2018

    Dear SSU-ERFA members,

    I am following up regarding the problems our SSU-ERFA chapter had with the CSU-ERFA’s recent vote to amend the constitution. The amendment to the constitution to define all CalPERS retirees from CSU as eligible for CSU-ERFA membership passed and was adopted, January 2018.Many of our SSU-ERFA members informed us that they had not received a ballot, and, therefore, did not have an opportunity to vote.

    The SSU-ERFA Executive Board presented our chapter’s concerns to the CSU-ERFA State Council and to the Northern Cal Chapter Presidents’ meeting this passed April 7, 2018. As president of our chapter and as a CSU-ERFA State Council delegate, I argued that many of our chapter members did not receive ballots and did not have the opportunity to vote. I asked if other chapters encountered the same problem. No other chapter reported problems. There was a motion to redo the vote, but the motion did not pass.

    Upon further investigation into our chapter’s issues with the vote, I carried out a thorough research with the intent to get to the bottom of the problems with the vote. I hunted down every email sent by CSU-ERFA to the membership since January of 2018. After careful examination of every email that I was able to retrieve, I found the email, dated January 3, 2018,that contained the ballot. I had seen this email when it was sent to all members of CSU-ERFA and I asked Rick Luttmann, our executive board member, to forward this email to all of our members on our email list. Our chapter members should have received the same email from CSU-ERFA, plus the same email we forwarded to our members.

    The real problem is that most of us did not read the email containing the ballot carefully and thoroughly. The email had the title “ballot” in the subject box, but the ballot was buried at the bottom of 19 pages or so dealing with the proposed amendments to the constitution. The ballot simply asked members to mark ‘Yes or no’ and to send it back to CSU-ERFA. I am sorry to say that, though I read all emails from CSU-ERFA rather carefully, I missed the last page of the 19 pages or so of the email. Lesson learned! I am determined to read all emails from CSU-ERFA more carefully and I ask our members to please do the same in the future.

    Concerning the amendment to the constitution that was adopted, CSU-ERFA states that ‘it does not affect membership provisions for campus affiliates’. In fact, some campuses, like our SSU-ERFA Chapter, already extend membership opportunities for retired staff. For individual chapters that do not accept staff retirees, those retirees can now apply directly to CSU-ERFA for membership. Accepting retired staff, as members, does not award Emeritus status to staff. A staff person who joins is simply entitled to the benefits offered by the association. The benefit to the association is that it increases the membership numbers.

    Also, the adoption of the amendment to the constitution requires further changes, including the name of the association. At the CSU-ERFA State Council meeting, held April 7, 2018, the delegates voted to accept the change for the name of the association from CSU-ERFA (CSU-Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association) to CSU-ERFSA (CSU- Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association). The change in name is not official until it is approved by the CSU-ERFA Executive Board and by the State Council delegates.

    Our SSU-Executive Board is working on obtaining emails for all of our members. One of the problems with the recent vote is that the CSU-ERFA office does not have emails for all of the members. This is one of the reasons why some paid CSU-ERFA members did not receive the email containing the ballot for the recent vote. Our chapter is working diligently to obtain emails for all of our members. This is a challenging task that we are undertaking. We will work closely with CSU-ERFA office, but we will need to ask for your cooperation to help us obtain this information. You will hear from us concerning this issue in the near future.

    For more information, please log in to CSU-ERFA website, www.csuerfa.org. You will find many important issues that may be of interest to you. Click on the ‘Reporter’ for more information on the recent vote.

  • Statewide ERFA Constitution Amendment Vote

    Current paid ERFA members should have received a ballot to vote on an amendment regarding eligibility for membership. Voting took place up to January 28, 2018.

    Article III, Section 2 currently reads:

    • Members. All retired California State University faculty, professional librarians, and academic administrators who are CalPERS annuitants and such others as have been accorded faculty status on individual campuses, or who are members of a campus organization affiliated with CSU-ERFA and who have official recognition as being retired, are eligible for membership in this Association.

    The amendment would change it to read:

    • Members. All California State University retirees who are CalPERS annuitants are eligible for membership in this Association.
  • Resolution Regarding Inclusion and Recognition of Emeritus Faculty

    The SSU Academic Senate unanously approved this resolution on October 27, 2016.

  • Message from President Sakaki

    August 15, 2016

    Greetings! I am very honored and excited to be here at Sonoma State. I will be spending much of the Fall semester visiting, listening, and learning from all of you. I appreciate all of the hard work that is being done across the campus by faculty and staff to get ready for our students and the opening of the new school year. We will be welcoming one of the largest classes of new freshmen and transfer students to campus next week.

    I want to take this opportunity to update you on a number of leadership changes at Sonoma State. I have carefully assembled an interim world-class team of seasoned university administrators who are collaborative and committed to student success and the academic mission of a public university.

    As previously announced, Dr. Jeri Echeverria is serving as Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Most recently she was Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer for The California State University. Prior to working at the Chancellor’s Office, she spent more than 20 years as a history professor and academic administrator at Fresno State. During her years there, she served as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Provost, Associate Dean of Social Sciences, and Chair of the History Department.

    Second, I want to share some news about Larry Furukawa-Schlereth, Vice President of Administration and Finance and Co-Executive Director of the Green Music Center. Larry has decided to retire. He will be assisting Executive Vice Chancellor Relyea at the Chancellor’s Office for the next three months before officially retiring from the CSU. Please join me in thanking Larry for his 25 years of service to Sonoma State and the CSU.

    I have appointed Stan Nosek to serve as Interim Vice President of Administration and Finance. Stan has had a distinguished career in university administration. He was the Vice Chancellor of Administration at UC Davis and after that served as the Interim Vice President for Administration and Finance at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Please join me in welcoming Stan to our campus.

    Third, John Welty, President Emeritus at Fresno State will be serving as Special Advisor to the President on a part-time basis. Dr. Welty will be assisting me with the Green Music Center and will help me examine ways in which our campus can be organized to achieve greater efficiencies and effectiveness. He is an American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) – Penson Center for Professional Development consultant and co-leads the AASCU-Penson Academy for New CSU Provosts.

    Fourth, on August 22, three new administrators will be joining our campus: Dr. Michael Young as Interim Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Peter Smits as Interim Vice President of Advancement and Mr. Bill Kidder as Associate Vice President and Chief of Staff. Dr. Young served as Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at UC Santa Barbara for over 25 years. Dr. Smits’ career spans more than 35 years in Advancement and Development at Fresno State, Chico State, and now with Phoenix Consulting. Mr. Kidder, J.D., served most recently as Associate Vice Chancellor/Chief Compliance Officer and also Assistant Provost at UC Riverside.

    I am honored that all of these former colleagues of mine are assembling here at Sonoma State to work with us. Mr. Kidder’s appointment is permanent, but all other appointments are interim. It is important to note that all of the interim administrative appointees are experts in their respective fields who retired after illustrious careers. They have agreed to come to Sonoma State to serve and lead as we review our structure and functioning. We will have open recruitments and none of the interim appointees will be applicants for permanent positions. Additionally, Matthew Lopez-Phillips will continue in Student Affairs as Associate Vice President and Dan Condron will continue as Vice President for University Affairs.

    Thank you for your dedication to students and the University. Please join Interim Provost Jeri Echeverria, Chair of the Faculty Ben Ford, Associated Students President Emily Hinton, myself and others at next Monday’s Convocation as we open what portends to be an exciting new year for students, faculty, staff, and the entire campus community.

    Warm regards,
    Judy K. Sakaki, Ph.D.