Academic Senate News

Rick Luttmann is our representative to the Academic Senate. Below are his notes from AS meetings.

Academic Senate Second Reading on Major GE Reforms

The Academic Senate will have a Second (and presumably Final) Reading of the major GE reform package at its meeting this coming Thursday 2 May, starting about 3:45 pm. If you have any input, you are welcome to attend (Ballroom C/D of the Student Center) or let me (as Retired Faculty representative) know directly, rick.luttmannn@sonoma.edu. The document here addresses issues that were brought up at the First Reading on 18 April.

Summary of Academic Senate meeting 18 April 2019

The most significant issue at this meeting was the First Reading of a major proposal from EPC (Educational Policies Committee) for the complete restructuring of the SSU program in General Education. Because of the enormousness of this proposal, the usual period of 15 minutes for a First Reading was extended to 45 minutes and then increased by 10 minutes.

This proposal has been in gestation for over a year. It was originated by the General Education Revision Committee before being brought to EPC. The committee had begun its work before the Chancellor’s Office Disorders on the subject but after the WASC report on our GE program. According to EPC Chair Jenn Lillig there was robust discussion about all major issues, and naturally some intractable disagreements, but the final document was approved unanimously.

The changes proposed are too complex to be detailed here. Those interested in the details are advised to look at the Senate agenda here, pages 9 through 68.

At the previous meeting, a motion to endorse and associate ourselves with a resolution from the Academic Senate at CSU Chico was considered; this resolution made a negative recommendation to the Statewide Academic Senate regarding the (statewide) GE Task Force report.

At this second Reading, the proposer made a motion to substitute a milder and more neutral resolution from the Fullerton Academic Senate. The body agreed to substitute this document for the one from Chico in the motion under consideration. However, due to lack of opportunity to carefully review this newly substituted document, the Senate voted to continue the matter till the next meeting (8 May 2019).

The third item of business was a First Reading of a proposal from SAC to endorse the Academic Advising Task Force Report. This Report thoroughly revises and strengthens the entire Advising structure for students at SSU.

Finally, a proposal was considered for First Reading from Structure and Functions to amend the By-Laws to change the name of the Faculty Subcommittee on Sponsored Programs (FSSP) to the Faculty Subcommittee on Scholarly Activities (FSSA). Principally this change is to recognize a de facto increase in the scope of the Subcommittee’s interests. The Senate voted to waive the First Reading and went on to pass the amendment to the By-Laws.

Other matters which came before this Senate meeting:

President Sakaki reported on a very successful “Open House” the previous weekend. The purpose was to recruit undecided students and their families to apply for admission to SSU. She also reported that the 28,000 applicants to the CSU who do not get into their choice of campus will be redirected to other campuses which are short of applicants, including ours. Finally, she noted that the fee for application materials, which was last raised from $45 to $55 in 1989, has been raised to $70.

Provost Vollendorf reported on the ongoing searches for Deans in Business/Economics and Social Science. She also briefly described a proposal for an upper-division GE mathematics requirement that might kick in about 2025.

CFO Lopes reported on new policies for Gift Acceptance, and that there have been changes in the way internal fees are calculated for auxiliaries using University resources.