Applying to SEIE Academic Credit Programs

Please note: This site is for students applying to SEIE academic credit programs only.
For all other University programs, please visit the SSU Admissions page.

Apply online through the new Cal State Apply process.

Before you begin, read these important tips.

  1. You may need to refer to transcripts so be sure to have them handy. We will also need two official copies to complete your application.
    • Undergrads will need transcripts for every college attended in order to enter their transfer work.
    • Graduate students will need to provide information on courses in progress or planned. It is also helpful (but not required) to enter information about the courses that you think will fulfill program pre-requisites.
  2. Disable your pop-up window blocker, or set it to accept pop-ups from the Cal State Apply site.
  3. You can start, stop, and save your application information throughout the process. You do not have to complete the entire application during one session.
  4. Each page has a "Save" option. It will be greyed out if you are missing any information. Review each page carefully to make sure you have answered all questions.
  5. There is a $55 application fee for each application you submit. Undergraduate students may qualify for an application fee waiver, which will be automatically calculated based on your entries. There is no waiver for graduate applicants.
  6. You may choose only one program per campus but you may apply to more than one CSU campus at the same time.
  7. Make sure you are applying to the correct program. Once you have submitted your application, it is very difficult to change programs. Check our Important Information page for program-specific information.
  8. Pay attention to deadlines! They are in Cal State Apply, and on our Important Information page.
  9. Apply for Financial Aid as early as possible, even before you submit your completed Cal State Apply application. It's free, and your request for aid will automatically be matched up to your application when it arrives. Apply for scholarships as soon as you have submitted your application.
  10. Domestic students may be asked what year they plan to move to the U.S.; just enter your year of birth.
  11. International applicants should submit applications as early as possible because additional time is needed to process international documents and prepare immigration paperwork.

Further information and special pointers

  • Undergraduate Transfer (Saturday Hybrid and Napa Valley/Solano BA students): go to SEIE Undergraduate Applicants
  • Graduate Students (MS-CES, MA Organization Development, MA Psychology: Depth Emphasis, MA Spanish, and FNP and ECE Certificate students): go to SEIE Graduate Applicants

After you start your application

Please contact James Peavler, SEIE Admissions Specialist, with your CAS# so he can help track your application and assist with any snags. He can be reached at 707-664-2682,


You must send two official, sealed copies of transcripts to SSU, following Admissions Office instructions. You do not need to request SSU transcripts, they are on file.** ECE Certificate applicants need send only one copy of transcripts. **

  • Undergraduate: Send transcripts from every college attended, even if you did not complete your coursework.
  • Graduate: Request transcripts showing completion of your last 60 semester (90 quarter) units attempted, including award of your Bachelor's degree and any work you have undertaken since then.
  • International Students: See special notes under Additional Forms on our SEIE International Applicants page.


Contact James Peavler, SEIE Admissions Specialist, 707-664-2682,