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Live Help

  • Live Chat on the Cal State Apply site (available in application screen; not 24/7)
  • James Peavler, SEIE Admissions Specialist

Admissions Criteria

Award of Bachelor's Degree

One of the criteria for admission to a graduate program through SEIE is possession of a four-year Bachelor's degree from a regionally-accredited US institution (or foreign equivalent). Your Bachelor's degree must be completed according to the timelines below. (Degrees may take some time to get posted; we are considering the official award date, not the date you receive your diploma.)

Students must be in good standing at the last institution attended.

  • Spring admits (Wine EMBA St Helena or Sonoma only): end of Fall semester or quarter
  • Summer admits (Spanish and Early Childhood Education Certificate only): end of Fall semester or Winter quarter
  • Fall admits (Standard EMBA and all others): end of Spring semester or quarter. Pleaes note: Degrees earned in the Summer are certified too late to be considered for Fall admission. If you must delay completion of your Bachelor's degree, you may need to reapply for a later year (or semester, for EMBA).

Grade Point Average (GPA) and Other Criteria

The minimum acceptable Grade Point Average (GPA) to enter a graduate program at SSU is 2.5, calculated over the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units. Individual programs may require a higher starting GPA and have additional criteria such as pre-requisite coursework. See your program's site for details about their specific criteria; our program list is at Academic Credit & Degree Programs Page.

Before Applying

  1. Attend an information session to get complete information about the program.
  2. If you are unable to come to an information session, contact the faculty coordinator of your chosen program to discuss how the program may fit with your goals.
  3. Check our SEIE Important Information page to be sure you are on target. Our dates and deadlines may differ from what is on the Cal State Apply site.
  4. Start gathering your supporting materials (e.g. resume, narrative). Be sure to request recommendations early, as there can be quite a delay in receiving them no matter what good intentions your recommenders may have.
  5. Locate documents from your previous academic experiences (transcripts, test scores, etc.).

Managing your Cal State Apply Application

Here are a few things we want to highlight for a smoother experience.

  • You can track your progress on your dashboard, which will show what still needs to be completed before submission.
  • If you need help, there are guides and live help available (see above).
  • Choose Sonoma Extension to see the list of our programs from which to choose.
  • Be sure to select the correct program. Cal State Apply may display a different title than we use; see our Important Information page for program titles, or contact the SEIE Admissions Specialist (contact info above).
  • When you come to the section to enter your coursework, please enter only the following:
    • Courses in progress
    • Courses you plan to take before your target program starts
    • Optional: courses that you think fulfill the prerequisites for your program. Links to SEIE degree programs are on the SEIE Academic Credit & Degree Programs site.
  • Program (supporting) materials such as narratives and CVs are submitted via upload, cut-and-paste entry, or a combination of the above. If you run into trouble trying to upload documents, please contact our Admissions Specialist (contact info above).
  • Letters of recommendation are called "Evaluations" in Cal State Apply. Links will be sent to the e-mail addresses you provide for your recommenders to upload their letters.
    • You may be asked to enter a submission date for your letter(s). We suggest you set it for two weeks from the date you plan to submit your application.
    • You should plan to request letters early. Faculty are not generally available during Winter Break or Summer and they may not get your request in time.
  • If you are having difficulty uploading any materials, please contact James Peavler (phone and e-mail above) for instructions on getting them to us.

Program-Specific Instructions

  • Spanish MA applicants only: your four-minute Spanish speaking sample sound file can be submitted via e-mail to our Admissions Specialist at james.peavler@sonoma.edu. Please use SPAN MA Sound File - last name for the Subject. If you wish to submit on media such as CD or stick drive, check with James for the mailing address.