What they say about the program...

From a student in the Agile Project Management Certification program
Dr. Beth was instrumental in my challenge to create a new career path in Sonoma County. She gracefully took me by the hand and together we explored my professional experience and skill set, exacting what is most relevant and what can be monetized in the shortest amount of time.
From a student in the HR Management Certificate program
Dr. Beth's career coaching helped me feel more confident and prepared for my upcoming job search after 10 years in my present job. She told me I have strong experience and explained why I am highly marketable. Together we created a strategy for moving forward in my search.
From a student in the HR Management Certificate program
After living and working outside the U.S for many years, getting Dr. Beth's career coaching has helped me enormously in preparing for the Bay Area job market. She has helped me revise my resume, practice my interviewing skills, and create a marketing plan - all with a positive attitude and great sense of humor
From a student in the Social Media Certificate program
Dr. Beth helped me rewrite my past resume which was a heavy, hard-to-read document. She morphed it into a light, visually pleasant, and easy-to-look-at resume without sacrificing its content and punch. My new resume is getting me lots of interviews!>