Conflict Management Certificate Program

Spring 2019 Registration is now open!

About the Program

Program Instructor

Lorraine Segal, M.A.

Why Everyone at Work Needs Conflict Management Skills
by Lorraine Segal

This 12-week professional development certificate program is designed to help managers, aspiring managers, C-Suite executives, HR professionals, team leaders, or anyone working with challenging individuals or groups learn how to manage workplace conflict better and communicate more effectively.

These days, a wide variety of job descriptions across many professions and industries see conflict management as a desirable or essential skill. Having a certificate in conflict management can help you get a job or a better position or simply be more productive and feel more peaceful at work.

Weekly Topics include: foundational skills in understanding conflict and communicating better across differences and misunderstandings, as well as techniques for dealing with bullying, managing intergenerational and cross-cultural communication issues, facilitating meetings and groups, giving and receiving feedback successfully, letting go of resentments at work, negotiating for yourself and others.

The fee for the 12 week Conflict Management Certificate program is $890.