Frequently Asked Questions

How does the certificate program relate to employment in the construction industry?

The program's focus is on essential skills for succeeding in the business environment, such as business planning, accounting, personnel management, project scheduling computer applications, and marketing. The skills presented apply to small construction business owners as well as to managers and business personnel within a larger company.

Do I need to make formal application to the program?

No application is necessary; you can sign up for one course or the whole program on a class-by-class basis.

How do I obtain my certificate?

After completing the required eight courses, contact Londa Leveroni at the School of Extended Education at 707-664-2394 and request your Application for Certificate. After checking your records and confirming that you've met the requirements, a certificate is mailed to you.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. For more information on scholarships, see Student Resources.

Do courses need to be taken in a certain order?

No, you may enroll in the courses in any order; there is no required sequence.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Students taking at least three courses per semester, Fall and Spring, can complete the program in three semesters.