EXCEL Summer Guidelines and Forms

Guidelines are mailed home to each parent prior to class as part of the "student packet." Once enrolled in the EXCEL program, students and parents are asked to read the guidelines together and follow them while students are on the Sonoma State University campus.


Applicable forms must be completed and returned to the class instructor on the first day of classes.

  • Code of Conduct
    --Must be read and signed by both the student and parent/guardian.
  • Special Release Form--Use only if child bikes, buses, or walks home or to an SSU office.
  • Medical History Form--Only if "Yes" is marked on registration form.
  • Internet Access--To be filled out and signed if the student is using a computer or laptop for a class on the SSU campus.


EXCEL students are expected to be respectful of campus equipment and property. When students are inside a building, they must keep their conversations quiet, not run in the halls, and not play with equipment such as elevators or automatic door openers.

When students are in class, it is important to remember that other students are also trying to learn and that they must behave with respect toward each other and the teacher. A teacher has the right to ask students to leave his/her class if they are acting in a way that interferes with other students' work or is inappropriate. If students do not change their behavior after they are asked to do so, they may be asked to leave the program. Students asked to leave for disciplinary reasons will forfeit all tuition and fees. No cell phone or smart phone usage is allowed during class time except in case of emergency.


When students are working with sensitive equipment in class (i.e., computers, microscopes, potter's wheel, or other equipment) they must follow directions and safety rules to prevent accidents. Parents are responsible for costs to repair any damages to the equipment that students may cause, either intentionally or through reckless behavior.


The duck pond is in an area that is not safe to play unsupervised and is designated as "off-limits." Students always need to stay with their class when on campus.

Lunch Bunch

As a service for EXCEL students, there will be lunch supervision provided at no charge during the noon hour for those enrolled in both morning and afternoon classes. The "Lunch Bunch" meets on the lawn adjacent to the pick-up area at parking Lot A. At lunch time students are required to check-in with the lunch supervisor first thing everyday. Students must stay within the Lunch Bunch area.

Please have students bring a sack lunch and a snack from home. Students will not be permitted to leave the supervised area and buy food elsewhere on campus.

Parents may take students away for lunch by signing out their child with the Lunch Bunch supervisor. Please feel free to send a game for students to share or a book to read.

Special Considerations


Parents must call the office before class begins if a student is going to be absent. The phone number is 707/664-2394 (voicemail available).


Certain classes take trips off campus to enhance learning. Parents are needed to drive to these locations. Parent volunteer drivers need to register with the Extended Education office in Stevenson 1012 prior to class start up, and need to show license and proof of insurance. Refer to the "Fieldtrip Form" for details.


Each EXCEL student will receive one t-shirt per year.

Open House

Most of our classes put on an open house the last half hour of the last class; drama class open houses are usually longer. Please check with each teacher for details; times vary.