Program Fees

Tuition for the Film Studies M.A. Program is $550/unit; for the typical 8-unit semester the cost per semester is $4,400, and the total cost for the 30-unit master’s degree is $16,500. The cost of books and materials will vary by course and instructor choice.

This program is financial aid eligible. Financial aid applications should be filed early to increase chances of securing funding. See the SSU Financial Aid office webpage for information, application forms, and filing deadlines.

Scholarships may be available to qualifying students. In some cases, criteria other than GPA are used to assess eligibility, so we encourage all students to consider applying. Scholarship applications must be submitted separately; contact the SSU Scholarship Office for details. They also have links to national scholarship searches.

The SSU Veterans' Office can help veterans or dependents of veterans explore their benefits.

You may also search the web for private loan sources, or check with your employer about reimbursement for all or part of your expenses. Some students find that their employer is willing to contribute to, or fully pay for, their tuition since the skills acquired in the program will be of significant benefit to their organization. Also, ask your tax advisor if you qualify for the Lifetime Learning tax credit.