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Graduate Sooner!

Many courses offered may be counted toward lower and upper division GE requirements. Winter Intersession and Summer Session courses offer SSU continuing students units in residence, the same as courses taken during the academic terms. Some of the resident courses fulfill General Education (GE) requirements. Look for the GE symbol in the course description.

Open Door

During both Summer and Winter Intersession SSU opens its door to high school students, all college students and working professionals. We invite you to come and study on our beautiful campus; no formal admission required. You may register by phone at 707-664-2394, or complete and fax or mail the registration form (Note: this form is for non-SSU students only).

Summer Session 2017

12 Week Session: May 30-August 18

4 Week Session 1: May 30-June 22

4 Week Session 2: June 26-July 20

4 Week Session 3: July 24-August 17

Winter Intersession 2018

January 3-17