Dean's Office

I want to welcome you to Sonoma State University's School of Extended and International Education (SEIE@SSU). What we do in the school is connect the community with lifelong learning opportunities. In some cases, this is an extension of your formal education; the Sonoma Executive MBA programs here provide an accelerated way for a bachelor's degree holder to get a master's in business administration from an AACSB-accredited program within 17 months. This degree is also available with a focus on the wine industry, a mirror image of our wine business concentration for the Sonoma MBA program. Master's degrees in Organizational Development and Spanish provide other educational opportunities.

Our certificate and non-degree courses are components of SEIE's core programs. We partner with our sister departments on campus to deliver degree programs. These programs provide faculty with opportunities to teach beyond their normal duties and also for community faculty to bring their expertise to our students. The certificate and non-degree courses and programs provide continuing education to many professions, a critical need for remaining competitive in fields such as our nursing, human resources and construction. We have a lot of fun classes also, such as our craft beer programs, our wine tasting certificates, and our recording production certificates. Our lifelong learning programs serve community members from 9 to 90 years of age, focused on our EXCEL programs in the summer and our year-round programs in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute or OLLI. OLLI is entering its 15th year at SSU in the 2015-16 academic year, and the OLLI students will have opportunities on and off campus that are inventive and integrative.

Our international programs welcome students from all around the world and also helps send our students to places and experiences that will change their lives forever. As someone who lived abroad as an academic, I really lament the fact I did not take advantage of the opportunities to study abroad as an undergraduate. Our international programs make those extensions of life experiences possible. All our classes involve partnerships, both intramural and beyond the campus and Sonoma County. The partnerships are delivered by our outstanding staff and faculty, and have a single focus: the student.

These parts sum to "extended" and "international" education; Sonoma State has a regional and global reach because of what SEIE does for this campus and the surrounding communities. Our theme and daily drive is to provide support for lifelong learning to the North Bay and beyond. Please join us in this journey and support our programs!‚Äč

Robert Eyler, Ph.D.
School of Extended and International Education
Senior International Officer
Professor of Economics
Sonoma State University