Are You Ready for Online Learning?

Are you ready for online learning? Read these FAQs

Dear Online Students,

Thanks for registering for an online class through the School of Extended Education! We need to inform you of some important details you'll need before beginning your class. Read this page carefully, and make sure you follow instructions.

  1. Read the web page about readiness for online learning. If, after reading, you feel you've made a mistake to sign up for an online class, or you don't have the right equipment, or the right skill sets, then it's not too late to drop! To receive a refund, you must drop the class BEFORE you log into Moodle. For FAQs about online learning: online learning FAQs.

  2. Get a seawolf ID: At least 24 hours (sometimes 48 hours) after registering for a class, your credit card will have been processed and you'll be eligible to get a Seawolf ID--your "key" to the SSU online learning environment named "Moodle". You are responsible for getting an SSU ID. The link to get one is here: Online Services Pinmaster.
    Click on "Get ID and Set Password", use "XXXX" (upper case) for last 4 digits of social security number. If you are from outside the country, and do not have a zip code, please use "99999" (upper case) as your zip code,. Follow the prompts to the end.

    If you have problems, call the help desk at (707) 664-4357, x3. If still more help is required, you can refer IT support to extended education registration support at (707) 664-2604 in order for them to verify your registration.

    Once you have a password, you can go to SSU Homepage and click "Login" in the white bar at the top of the screen (or log in to SSU Portal).

  3. Practice getting into your SSU gmail account and into Moodle. Both will be accessible to you through logging in with your Seawolf ID. If you don't want to use the SSU gmail email system, you will need to forward your SSU gmail to whatever personal account you have. Steps to forward your SSU gmail email to your personal emails are as follows:
    1. log in using your SSU Seawolf ID
    2. click "Seawolf Gmail" to access your SSU gmail account.
    3. click on the round wheel icon on right side, and select "settings"
    4. click on "forwarding and pop/imap".
    5. click "add a forwarding address button" and add the email address to which to forward mail
    6. click on "forward a copy of incoming mail to..." and select the address you just added.
    7. click "save changes" button at bottom.
    Below is a screen shot of your SSU gmail setting which will forward email to your specified email address:

  4. Take the Moodle tutorials: Once in Moodle, learn to use it by taking the short, terrific video tutorials (none are longer than 5 minutes). The link to them is from inside of Moodle on the left side where it says "Moodle Essentials for Students (Seawolf ID Required)". You can use those tutorials throughout the course.