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General Program Information

The Student Handbook contains a broad range of information about the Napa Valley/Solano BA Liberal Studies Program.

Student Handbook

Academic Advising

Your MySSU student portal includes a link to your Academic Requirements Report (ARR), which can help you keep track of what you need to do to complete your degree. You can find it under the Other Academics pulldown menu.

We have also developed these tools for you to use.

Advising Checklist

How to Read the Academic Requirements Report (ARR)

Academic Requirements Report Update Form: for courses not listed on the ARR

Program Advisor

Our Program Advisor can help you with any and all issues you may have. Check with her first before trying other offices around campus.

Katie O'Brien,

Standardized Testing Options for Lower Division General Education or General Electives

These tests are considered lower division and will not count for the major. Always check with an advisor before registering to make sure your specific requirements will be met. Please keep in mind that students cannot get credit for a test that duplicates a class they took, or vice versa.


Internships: Please read all of the below before trying to sign up for SSCI 499 Internship.

Internship Instructions (How to make it happen)

Internship Agreement Form (What you will be doing for credit)

SSCI 499 Internship Registration Form (Signing up for the units)

SSCI 499 Internship Assignments (Required academic activities)

General Internship Information (From the SSU Career Services Center)

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

This graduation requirement measures Junior-level writing ability. It may be fulfilled either by taking an approved Writing Intensive Course (WIC) at Sonoma State University, or taking the Written English Proficiency Test (WEPT) or equivalent at another CSU. We will try to schedule WIC classes each Fall semester, subject to instructor availability.

The WEPT at Napa Valley College

GE Petition

Petition for General Education Course Substitution:

GE Substitution Form


Graduation Filing Instructions for SEIE Bachelor's Students

  • Graduation Application
  • Graduation Changes (to postpone date or make other changes)
  • Graduation Matriculation (required for students who have not been enrolled at SSU for over two semesters)

Sample Graduation Application