Operations and Supply Chain Management

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When you order items online, you know it’ll arrive on your doorstep in a few days, but most people never think about the process of how it gets there.

Operations and supply chain management (OSCM) is the administration of business practices to create the highest level of value for the customer and the highest level of long-term profit for the organization.

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Program Coordinator

Jim Robison, DBA, CFPIM, PMP

OSCM is concerned with the effective and efficient utilization of capital, labor, and other resources to transform raw materials into finished goods and services, and to make these products available to the ultimate consumer. Product and process design, procurement, planning, scheduling, manufacturing, quality control, and distribution are all components of operations and supply chain management.

Upon successful completion of both semester courses in this program, within a 24 month period, students will receive the Sonoma State University Certificate in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Who is this program for?

Those interested in improving processes and increasing efficiencies from start to finish in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

This program will provide you with:

  • the skills needed to lead their organizations to operational excellence.
  • a certificate that recognizes their competency in Operations and Supply Chain Management.
  • the knowledge necessary to pass the APICS CPIM examinations. Program Overview