What they say about the program...

Sandy Elliot

Events and Promotions, River Rock Casino

I feel I now have the knowledge and skills to be a part of a team and even direct a team on what avenues to explore, how to do that and how to analyze the results
Katie Crabtree

SSU Junior, Communication Studies Major

This class jump-started my thoughts and consideration into actually doing it for a bigger company and as a real job once I am done with college. This certificate will help me immensely when job hunting along with other experience.
Barbara Oldershaw

Sustainability & Program Coordinator, TekTailor, Inc.

I have definitely had many, many opportunities to utilize my newly acquired social media skills in my workplace.
Aaron Geertz

Student, Graphic Design/Advertisement

I am taking away quite a bit from this class that I will be able to utilize in my future career in the advertising industry. More so than any other class I have taken at SSU, this class I truly feel that I learned something.
Jula Pereira

Social Media Consultant

I have a much deeper understanding of social media, building followings and creating engagement than I ever did before entering the program.
Teresa Baumgardner

Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Holly Hansen Public Relations

As a more senior professional, I¹m always looking for ways to stay up-to-date and current with my skills and I feel this class gave me a real confidence in understanding how to discuss social media, even if at times the platforms are not all familiar to me I can have real conversations about how to go about assessing if they are right for my clients.
Dawn Reese

Freelance Social Media Specialist

Because of the education I acquired during this course, I will be able to correctly use Social Media in the professional world and I will gain a positive reputation and keep my business growing.
Corey Neal

Recent College grad seeking a career in the sports or wine industry

I like that our course has so much great content with multiple teachers and different viewpoints.
Maggie Hohle

Partner at Takumi Translation

I learned how to use scheduling tools to make my job much easier and more carefully planned, graphics tools to build engaging content, and measurement tools to gather information about activity around our organization and our objectives.
John Cain

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

You dread the 3 1/2 hour class in the morning and then when you're here you don't want it to end. The subject matter and teaching styles make time fly.
Barbie Penn, MBA

Interim Program Coordinator at Mills College TRIO Programs

After the first night of our class I knew I made the right choice.
Danica Spero

Event Consultant, Big 4 Party, Inc.

SSU course such a great deal when you compare time and price!
Kristie Anderson Oldaker

Social Media | Nonprofit

We have the BEST instructors:) Lucky us!
Lori Brendlinger

Administrative Assistant at Summit Engineering

Great information. I am glad we are in this program!
Maggie Harryman

Copywriter at Maggie Harryman Copywriting

The class is a cross section of age, career and gender, which makes comments and questions all the more interesting...The class just paid for itself. It is an outstanding class with stellar instruction.
Elaina Hunt
The Professional Social Media Certificate program has built a skillset and confidence through this knowledge that I didn't have before. Working hands on with these tools instead of simply discussing them was really where the learning launched. I now believe that while anyone can "do" social media through learning how to use the tools, that it takes strategy, time (at least initially), commitment to continuing engaging with others (not just posting about oneself), and patience to see results in order to "do" social media effectively enough to see meaningful results.
Christina Mertensotto

Marketing Coordinator at Summit State Bank

Having the different skill levels and ages in class was rewarding. What I've learned and taken from this class has been truly invaluable, and I now feel confident to present a Social Media proposal to our company.
Andrea Abney

Editor, 96 Hours at San Francisco Chronicle

I used the skills and information that I learned in class to try to come up with a way that would create a resource for readers while also potentially generating clicks back to our website.

I used the lessons from class to hone my Twitter skills in such a way that people are clicking on the stories I'm putting out there. I'm no longer throwing Tweets against the wall and hoping something sticks; I've learned to use language, analytics, tagging and hashtags to get more eyeballs on the Tweets, to create more engagement through those eyeballs and to get more people to click on the stories I'm tweeting out, which will ultimately help my company's bottom line.

I've used the skills that I learned in class to become a resource for others at work; helping them with social media questions. I've taught my co-workers the importance of listening tools, discussed the importance of knowing which platform they should use for what they're trying to accomplish and I answer questions about the various aspects of Twitter on an almost daily basis.

The value in the class was learning about analytics -- how you know if what you're doing is working, how you know if you're getting the best possible ROI. Knowing this paid dividends as far as generating clicks.
Michele Pellagrini

Director of Marketing and Communications/Accessories Buyer at Sole Desire

I truly did enjoy doing the class project because it forced me to look at how social media can be measured and tracked in ways I never imagined before.I know that I can take what I learned from this class and immediately apply it to our business practices which is very exciting!
Karen Langdon
In January, I entered SSU's Professional Social Media Certificate Program (PSMCP) as a seasoned communications professional with next-to-no social media experience, and zero, zip, nada SM business proficiency. I "checked myself into" this program after years of kicking, screaming, and scoffing about SM's lack of value for marketing communications ("I don't need virtual 'likes' or 'tweet talk' for effective marketing!").

This year, however, I resolved to enhance my old-school skills with new-world knowledge and perspectives. I decided, in fact, that being an inflexible communications "dinosaur" is not the career path I want to take. After completing our social media intensive, I can honestly say that I am glad to have r-e-a-c-h-e-d beyond my comfort zone with this course. Despite experiencing a huge learning curve, regular frustration with technological challenges, and disappointing results with my project: I learned A LOT. My strategic skill at posting, "listening," and tweeting remains clumsy at best, but I am no longer afraid of (or opposed to) using social media as a marketing communications tool--which I consider a huge personal advancement.

With fear now behind me, I look forward to applying PSMCP teachings and resources as new communication options. While it's true I'm still moving into social media at a turtle's pace, thanks to this course, I have at least entered into a more modern communication "space"! Entering into this class, I had a lot of preconceived, negative notions about social media and its value to me, both personally and professionally. Each week, however, I tried to check that baggage at the classroom door, and step in with a willing commitment and open mind about experimenting with SM communication tools and techniques. Guess what? My "baggage check" worked! But it wasn't easy. Very little about this class came "naturally" to me. Everything from getting my over-the-hill Mac into Google Drive, to signing up for Twitter, understanding hashtags, wrapping my brain around "listening," making a habit of liking "friends" posts ... remains more alien than not to me. But I DID IT, and in the process, I've learned ways to achieve personal fun and professional success with social media.

Amid the "failing" of my PRT social media campaign, I succeeded in my greater goal of "doing" and learning SM essentials. Opening my mind to social media has already opened the door to communication plans with more depth, breadth, and possibilities for success. Although my personal learning curve still finds me at the starting line of social media competence, I come away from the course with a curiosity that will keep me moving forward and new-found confidence that, "I can do this!" It was DIFFICULT taking this class while working 40+ hours a week for a large organization that's only just begun integrating social and traditional media (on a PC that doesn't even allow Google Drive access). Even within such restrictions, however, I am already incorporating what I learned in class with what I "do" to make a living. I believe my PRT campaign activities reflect my commitment to learn about SM and justify receiving my PSMCP certificate. I listened intently to what our instructors shared, and have made valiant attempts to experiment with a variety of "foreign" tools and techniques. In addition, I am thankful for the lasting "group resource" of our PSMCP instructors and other students. Everything I Know About Social Media ... I learned in SSU PSM!