Registration Basics for SEIE Academic Credit Degree and Certificate Program students


Preliminary Steps

Before registering, do the following:

Do NOT try to register online for:


Go to your MySSU Student Center and make sure you have taken care of any holds or To-Do items, especially regarding financial aid.
  • A Hold will appear as a red circle/slash; clicking on this symbol will reveal the source. Check with your program advisor if you are unclear about how to lift a Hold.
  • Financial Aid Students:
    • You must have cleared all of your Financial Aid To Do items by December 19 in order for your award to be packaged before the August 9 payment deadline.
    • You must formally accept your award offer. Instructions are on the Financial Aid Office site.

Other Important Points to Note Before Registering

  • Maximum units: Students may register for up to 18 units. If you want more units, you must file a petition.
  • Minimum units for financial aid: Graduate students need a minimum of 4 units and Undergraduate students need a minimum of 6 units in order to receive a financial aid award.
  • Graduate students who have completed all required content coursework but have not finished their culminating experience (thesis, article, project, presentation) must maintain currency through taking 578 Project Continuation each semester until their work is complete. Please check with your graduate advisor about appropriate next steps before registering via paper form for Project Continuation (see below).
  • Undergraduate students who did not complete graduation requirements in the semester for which they filed may need to be reactivated in order to register. Please contact your program advisor.
  • If you want to withdraw from your program, or take a Leave of Absence of up to two semesters, please contact your program coordinator immediately for further instructions.
  • Full information about policies governing programs and courses can be found on the SEIE General Information page.

Registration for Special Studies and Internships

You may not register for Internships or Special Studies online!

Information about Special Studies and Internships and the appropriate forms are available from your program. Generally, you will fill out both a form describing the work you will do to earn credit, signed by an advisor and/or department chair and a registration form.

  • Register for these classes at the beginning of a semester. It is best to register by the add/drop deadline because these courses will not appear on your schedule until after system processing resumes (weeks after the semester began) and may not be counted for financial aid purposes.
  • IMPORTANT!! You must submit ALL forms together at the same time to register, including your registration form, method of payment, and supporting documents as required by your program. If we do not have complete materials, you will not be registered.
  • There is no $25 late registration fee for these courses.

Project Continuation for Graduate Students

You may not register for Project Continuation online!

Graduate students who did not complete their program as planned must update their status in the system by doing the following steps:

  • Consult with your graduate advisor to develop a plan to complete your requirements.
  • Register for your department's Project Continuation class using the 578 Project Continuation registration form or by calling the SEIE office. This keeps your status with the University current and allows access to the Library and other campus resources. The fee is $275 per semester and needs to occur at the beginning of the semester.
  • There is no $25 late registration fee for Project Continuation.
  • Complete a Graduation Changes form and submit to the Records Office.

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