Registration Dates and Deadlines

It is best to register for all classes as early as possible.

Late registration

  • can delay disbursement of financial aid
  • may make you miss important communications from your instructor because you are not on the class roster or in the online learning management system before classes start
  • on or after classes start, can result in a late fee of $25 for each day schedule additions or changes are requested

Registration Dates and Deadlines

  • Returning students may register by appointment during the First Online Registration period beginning November 26 or during subsequent registration periods. Appointment times are visible in MySSU's Student Center.
  • New students will be given instructions after they have returned their Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD).
  • Financial aid recipients: Be sure to take care of all To-Dos listed in your MySSU account as soon as possible. Your award must be in the system or you may be asked to pay the full amount when fees are due on December 31.
  • During system processing downtimes, registration and schedule changes cannot be made online. If done via phone or in person, they cannot be processed until the system is back up.
  • If you register during Manual or Late Registration, your courses may not show up in MySSU until after classes have started and you may not have timely access to online course components. Register early to ensure access.

Tentative dates as of November 13, 2018; subject to change when Registrar updates the SSU Academic Calendar.

If you need assistance, the SEIE Office is open Monday--Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. You can phone our registration specialists at 707-664-2394. Please see the SEIE Calendar for holiday closures.

   Registration Period    Method    Payment Due    Notes
November 26 through December 31:
First Online Registration
Online by appointment January 4 (or FA award in place) Strongly recommended for financial aid students
January 1 & 2
--- --- System Downtime
January 3 through 18:
Manual Registration
Via phone or in person At time of registration Registrations received during this time may be held during system downtimes. Due to backlog, courses may not appear in MySSU until after classes start.
January 22 through February 1:
Via phone or in person At time of registration $25 non-refundable late registration fee, collected once per day for all transactions that took place in that day.
February 4 through 15 MANUAL REGISTRATION ALLOWED FOR SPECIAL STUDIES ONLY: Internships, Independent Study, and Project Continuation At time of registration See Special Studies & Internships, or Project Continuation for details.