Deborah Roberts

  • Deborah A Roberts 
  • Nursing 312 Baccalaureate Perspectives in Nursing

  • Students: 31 post licensure RN students
  • Collaborate Topic: Academic Writing in Nursing
  • Visiting Professor: Rosalie J. Roberts BA, MA, PhDc University of Oregon English
  • Two Synchronized Sessions June 16, 2014 & July 8, 2014 One hour each

 As a group of three professors we had a opportunity after each session to process the opportunities and challenges with the sessions. Our thoughts are listed below.


  • Working one on one with students in an online class
  • Having a synchronized focused lesson
  • Collaborating with three faculty to offer the lesson
  • Encouraging all students to participate and having students learn from one another in  real time
  • Having time for all students to weigh in on the conversation
  • Having “in place” education sessions
  • Experimenting with pedagogy
  • Ability to “see” students in an online class
  • Ability of students to ‘see” faculty in an online class
  • Quick and immediate assessment of learning a lesson


  • Students having difficulty with technology
  • Limiting the time to an hour to keep student attention
  • Assessing all students’ grasp of the concepts
  • Keeping all students engaged
  • Use of groups difficult as faculty must jump from group to group and cannot be in all rooms at the same time to assess learning and support process
  • Little technical support
  • Scheduling!


  • Setting up standardized orientation and instructions for students to learn use of platform and ensure that each student’s personal computer system works (or acknowledging the need to access library computer resources, or other resources for the session)
  • Tech Support for students and faculty during scheduled sessions
  • Tips for troubleshooting sound/visual/navigating challenges

Things That Worked Well

  • Having practice sessions available in Moodle for students to access prior to first in sync session.
  • Recommending they meet with their group in these practice sessions to set up audio and visual for their computers
  • Recommending users utilize headset/microphone set up to minimize feedback and ambient noise during session.
  • Scheduling the times far enough ahead so students and faculty can plan. (In a primarily online course with some students working this is essential).
  • Setting expectations at the start of class for these sessions increases student participation. Giving credit for attending and participating.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.