Deb Kindy

  • Report for Socrative Project
  • Deborah Kindy
  • Department of Nursing, SSU
  • 9/23/2014

Project Set-up

During Summer 2014 I joined, created a room number, viewed the Mastery Connect tutorial, some of the associated links and got to know the Dashboard functions, i.e. quiz options. I created a folder (hardcopy and saved to Documents) of Socrative “how to’s” and responses from questions sent to the Socrative team. They reply within 24 hours and are quite friendly and supportive - a real plus when working with technology.

Project Description

There are two projects using Socrative, one completed 9/22 and one to be completed 10/22. This is an evaluation of the 9/22 project.

I teach an UDGE course of 70-77 students from all majors each semester. There is one exam in the course among a number of other projects and presentations. The exam covers methods of contraception and STIs, is difficult, contains 50 multiple choice questions (each test unique drawing from a large question test bank with randomly ordered answer options) and is fairly technical. Although I stress the difficulty each year, some students think they know the information and fail to study, thus do poorly. Since learning this information can directly impact their present and future health, I want them to know it well. I decided to develop a “Space Race” for the Socrative Project the week before the exam with 10 questions from the test bank representative of the exam difficulty. Once the test was created I developed instructions (for students and for me) for the day of class. I divided the class with females on one side and males on the other. Males were to join the blue team and females the magenta and answer the questions.

Project Outcomes

Most students were able to access the site without problem however were slotted automatically into blue or magenta teams. Further I failed to set the “anonymous” criteria so they had to enter their names. To avoid concerns about appearing uninformed, they picked pseudonyms and that was fun from Flash Gordon to El. Both teams completed the activity and it was then I found out that the “race” was about speed versus right answers! That said, I have the results which indicated areas needing attention and have sent those to the class.

Project Evaluation

This was a learning experience for me probably more than the students although they seemed to have fun and certainly gained insight into the need for studying for this exam.

Here are the perks:

  1. Got past concern about the technology not working (no phone reception, accessing the site from within a PowerPt, classroom  computer working etc) by making this low stakes.
  2. Found there is good support from Socrative folks for development.
  3. See this as clearing the first hurdle for using phones academically in the classroom.
  4. Most students were able to access the site without problems
  5. Students seemed engaged and sobered by the degree of difficulty in the questions

Here were the problems:

  1. Did not realize Space Race meant speed versus accuracy - doh!
  2. Failed to set the “Teams” correctly so students were forced into one group or the other versus choosing gender oriented groups.
  3. Would like results immediately for use in the classroom without having to download and work with an Excel spreadsheet
  4. Some students were texting versus participating in the quiz. While all looked engaged in the activity, the outcomes revealed  fewer pseudonyms than class numbers. That could be fixed by using student names.


For this semester I would use Socrative again only for low stakes initiatives or to gain insight about what students need. I will contact Socrative to see if there is a way to reveal results immediately on the screen as they come in. If that is possible, I’ll use it for a 200 person lecture (if there is network access in the room) to illustrate students’ personal experience with a particular issue addressed in the lecture. I may use Socrative for weekly quizzes in a course next semester if the room I am using has adequate, reliable network access.

I’ll investigate Padlet and other possible applications for the large lecture.

l’ll present Socrative and Padlet to nursing faculty at the 10/20 faculty.