Karen Canepa

App Swap Meetings and Evaluation Spring 2015

Dear Ann and Carmen,

First of all, I would like to thank both of you for what it took to coordinate these App swap meetings. Carmen, I really appreciated your collaborative approach within these sessions.

Second of all, much was learned from the meetings due to the sharing of information. I realize that for some this was just review of things that they already knew or were using in their classrooms. For me, these were things that I had never implemented or utilized before in my four years here at SSU as a lecturer and I was highly interested in the process & function of the apps. I would like to apologize for the missed meeting. I would also like to point out that I had voiced and chosen a different date and the date that was chosen to accommodate others in the app swap meeting group. I had a prior engagement with lawyers and a paid mediator that day regarding an proposed easement on our property in Lake County.

This process gave me that little boost of confidence the incentive that I needed. I spent quite a bit of time preparing and creating my “ShowMe” for the app swap presentation. I also posted this “Show Me” on Moodle and obtained some feedback. Although the anatomy of the heart with blood flow was a simplistic process for my nursing students, the student feedback was positive in general, “app was easy to use and open” and a “good review”. Here is the link to the Show Me that I created for the App Swap Meetings and utilized in my classroom: http://www.showme.com/sh/?h=Kz8qwzI

I also utilized Socrative.Com for the first time ever as an instructor. I did create a pop quiz and have decided that I will use this in the future again as well, as I found it useful, although with some caveats. I discovered that my “Smart classroom” wasn’t as “smart” as I had hoped as there was no HD capacity and so I was unable to utilize this as effectively as hoped. I had purchased an HD adaptor for my iPad, but was unable to use it with the system because no HD plug in, which makes interface with iPads difficult, no videos, etc. However, I was able to utilize the app by taking a photo of the Quiz results and uploading for the class to see the results. In this way I accidently discovered something helpful. I was able to crop the students names off the screen, which if I had been doing the quiz as a graded course quiz, then I could have still recorded their grades. This cropping allowed me to post results anonymously. All students received 5 points for participating in the quiz as it was a new technology and they were all willing to participate—2 even participated later that day even though they were sick.

I also appreciated the group response we created online. I enjoyed creating the Mind Map that gave an overview of all the apps during our last session. With the money from the app swap I hope to purchase my own i-box and be able to use smart technology in the classroom seamlessly with my ipad or iphone.

Thank You, Karen Canepa, MSN, RN, SSU Lecturer & Clinical Faculty