Kathryn Chang

  • To: Ann Steckel, Director of Educational Design & Curricular Innovation
  • From: Dr. Kathryn Chang, Department of Business Administration
  • Re: Spring 2015 App Swap Workshop Evaluation Report
  • Date: May 3, 2015

First of all, thank you for the amazing opportunity to attend the App Swap Workshop where I was able to meet a wonderful group of colleagues who enthusiastically shared their experiences using some of these apps in the classroom. As a group, we also went through a list of apps that could be used online or in the classroom to enhance students’ learning experience here at Sonoma State University.

My initial purpose of attending this workshop was to learn some of apps that will provide more whiteboard space in the classroom while increasing teacher and student interaction. I found two interactive whiteboard apps, ShowMe (http://www.showme.com/) and ScreenChomp(http://www.appsinclass.com/screenchomp.html), that were exactly what I was looking for. These two apps are quite similar in functionality, but ScreenChomp can open pdf files in its free version.

Throughout Spring 2015, I tried the ScreenChomp app using my iPad in three of my classes, Managerial Accounting (BUS 230B, 2 sessions) and Cost Accounting (BUS 435), for the exam review sessions in particular. Despite needing to frequently upload the file because the free version only allows the user open the pdf file one page at a time, students were happy to see the problem on the big screen and how I read the information by making notations and showing steps to solve the problem. Although writing on the iPad using a stylus was a bit challenging at first, I think it will get better overtime with practice. The app provides a visual learning experience and definitely grabs the students’ attention (at least hold it longer) in the subject. I have talked to several students immediately after we had the sessions; they felt the same and stated that the App was “easier for everyone to see than whiteboard”, “was able to go through (the problem while) working together,” and “was good to see the problems worked at.”

In addition to the classroom setting, I see other possibilities of using these interactive whiteboard apps. For example, you can record voice-over whiteboard tutorials (of key concepts) and have it saved automatically and share them online (such as in the course webpage on Moodle). I will consider using the interactive whiteboard app in my hybrid classes next semester.

Overall, I think the workshop was a success. It allows faculty members to exchange and share their ideas on how to utilize the most recent and publicly available technology in the classroom. Not only would the faculty members benefit from such exposure, our students would appreciatetheir professors’ effort of keeping up with technology and integrating it in the students’ learning process.