Kathleen Rockett

  • Apps Class
  • Kathleen Rockett MSN, RN
  • Nursing Department

Discuss how the project impacted your teaching

I was looking for new opportunities to stimulate and encourage interaction in my nursing lecture courses as well as my online course work.  It is important to keep students engaged and stimulated. Nursing content is complex and interactive. I use case studies and group dynamics, yet I was looking for a new way for student to bring content back to the class other than writing on a black board. My PowerPoint include U tube video and websites, yet was looking for the opportunity to see what else might be available. Also, I wanted to explore alternative processes or applications to promote such and outcome. I use Google docs, U tube for student videos, Socrates for test taking. Additionally, I used Notability http://appcrawlr.com/ipad/notability-take-notes-annotate-to sketch ideas and imported pictures and web clips into my PowerPoint at the end of the semester after hearing about Applcrawlr from our class

Discuss how the time spent learning the technologies impacted you

Collaboration and teamwork is encouraged and role modeled in nursing content. I enjoyed the contact with other faculty and am grateful for the time and opportunity to exchange apps, as well as how we encouraged and supported each other to find and apply alternative strategies. We are all so busy, yet being committed to monthly timeframe at the same time each session, helped to keep me on target scheduling.

Any data summaries from student surveys related to the project or pertinent student anecdotal information

Students liked the idea of Socrates, yet it did not work as well as I had expected. Google Docs was helpful and instrumental for my N416 class, in which there were 6 group interactive projects. U Tube and uploading video to Google offered an alternative to uploading to Moodle, which did not work. I included a statement in the end of the course evaluation, so will use this feedback for evaluation outcomes and suggestions for upcoming classes.

Either recommend, or not, if the project should be offered again, and why

I believe it was a good course in that many options were explored. Although many of the applications did not work for nursing, the class opportunity offered curiosity and exploration for what might is available. We use simulation, practice in the community and this affords the student hands on application of theory to practice. As a result of the class, I am asking our book representatives for interactive applications and feel the class broadened my curiosity and inquiry. It takes a village and exposure to faculty from other disciplines promotes a community of educational culture. Nursing seems to live in a silo. We have classes on campus, yet we are off campus at least 16-24 hours/week in the community working hand in hand with students. In the nursing classes, we use Moodle regularly and many of our courses are online. I was pleasantly surprised with a whole world of Apps and the exposure was informative. Also the Faculty Center offers support and the staff is consistently helpful, approachable, efficient and knowledgeable. I am not sure all faculty membership are aware of such resources and availability on campus.