Katee Wynia

Microlecture Reflections

Participating in this project has been both illuminating and challenging. The question I asked myself was, “How can I create a short, micro-lecture video containing educational value that would supplement or reinforce concepts in my courses?” In the past I utilized YouTubes as adjunctive teaching tools, but now I was able to convey specific and pertinent information by creating my own videos.

I had to make sure the videos weren’t too complicated, but specific, and would still fit into the 3-5 min. time frame. Storyboards helped to some extent, but often the video became much larger than originally intended, requiring extensive, time consuming, editing.

Though there was a steep learning curve, I am pleased to now have the technological skill to create short videos on the fly, specific to the course. As I became more proficient with the software it allowed me to envision more sophisticated applications for the videos. I particularly enjoyed learning and incorporating the “green screen”, substituting interesting backgrounds as desired.

For the most part, the anonymous feedback I received from students was positive. They found the micro-lectures professional, concise and valuable. Some students found the “green screen” image not congruent with the topic, but found additional instructional visuals helpful. Others enjoyed the background image I chose. At first I spoke too slowly, but after receiving feedback, I picked up the pace in subsequent videos. I evaluated individual feedback and implemented some suggestions as I progressed through the project.

I highly recommend this project, but would decrease the number of videos, as they were more time consuming than expected.