Emily K. Asencio

CCJS Department
2014- 2015 Academic Year

Summary of Short Throw Project Experience

The opportunity to experiment with the Boxi Projector and IPad during the past academic year definitely enhanced the classroom experience for myself and students in my courses. At the most basic level, the projector has served as a much needed and very effective substitute for built-in classroom media equipment such as a computer and/or projector for presenting Powerpoint slides for guiding lectures and discussions. At more advanced levels, the Boxi and Ipad combination has become useful for student presentations as well as for generating and facilitating student participation in classroom discussions.

I use the BOXI on a fairly regular basis for my own classroom presentations to students on course materials. For classrooms without built in technology, it is helpful to have my own somewhat portable system that I can easily set up to present Powerpoints, etc. to the class. This is much less hassle than relying on the delivery of a media cart, which ends up taking up a lot of space in my fairly small and overcrowded classroom. The only drawback I have found thusfar in using the Boxi for this purpose is that it needs to be near a power source. This is especially problematic in one of my classrooms which only has wall outlet access inside a cabinet in one corner of the room, or in the ceiling. I have managed to improvise by using a combination of power strips and extension cords, but it would definitely be an improvement to have a rechargeable BOXI unit (or some alternative). I would suggest that faculty who want to use the BOXI on a regular basis carry some type of extension cord, etc. that allows them to set up the BOXI wherever they want to in the classroom.

One of the most interesting/exciting things for me about the BOXI project is the collaborative efforts of my students in my classes once I informed them about the BOXI and Ipad “experiment.” The students were eager to participate in helping me figure out different ways to use it and provide

suggestions for improving positioning, focus, etc. It helped to generate a kind of team effort feel to this which made the process of experimenting with technology in front of a room full of students much less intimidating. The students were so excited by the equipment that they requested to use it for their own classroom presentations. I regularly include a group presentation assignment in my courses so the BOXI was a useful tool for student presentations as well as my own. Students were able to download their presentations to a USB key and just come up and plug the key directly into the BOXI and give their presentations to the class. I found that this process really minimized transition times between group presentations as changing the USB key on the BOXI is a very straightforward way to move from one group to the next.

I have also been regularly using the BOXI to facilitate participation in classroom discussion. For example, I often give students in class desk work to do that relates to the material we are covering in class as a method of forcing them to delve deeper into the course material before we discuss it. While this works in gaining student participation in the discussion on its’ own, some students just will never be comfortable raising their hands in class and sharing their responses with the group. The IPad/BOXI combination has allowed me to include those students who tend not to be as verbal in class discussions by allowing me to go around the classroom and scan in the students’ responses to the desk work activities then projecting the responses to share with the class. Students’ names are not projected so the work remains anonymous but still available to the classroom community for discussion. This allows for students to get feedback on their work and participate in the classroom community even if they are not comfortable raising their hand and verbally communicating their responses with the group. This has been extremely helpful in facilitating class discussion in my courses numerous times throughout the semester.

Overall, my personal experience with the use of the BOXI/IPad has been productive and I appreciate the opportunity to use this equipment in my classes. I feel that there are still many unexplored options for my use of this equipment in my classes and look forward to experimenting with it more in the future.