Tiffany O’Shaughnessy, PhD

Counseling Department

Evaluation of Short-Throw Project

The short-throw project provided all new faculty with an iPad, a short throw BOXI projector, and a gift card to help with the purchase of educational apps. This project was the single most useful support I received for my teaching during my year at Sonoma State. As I noted in my videotaped assessment of the project, the field of counseling has a poor reputation for being woefully behind the times in terms of technology utilization and implementation. However, there have been several very useful apps developed that are essential for counselors to understand how to utilize. Were it not for the availability of an iPad and ability to project this out to the class, I would not have been able to integrate these new technologies into my courses. At my end of the semester informal discussions with students this year, between 80-100% of students in my classes referred to my lectures where I integrated new apps into the learning as impactful and meaningful. All of my students feel comfortable accessing and implementing these new technologies in their practice.

I was able to introduce the lectures on these topics:

  • Therapy Supports
    • Cloud Clinic – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Adjunctive Treatment App
    • Sleep Pillow - App to support recovery from insomnia
  • Crisis Management
    • PFA Mobile – Psychological First Aid Mobile App
    • SAMHSA Disaster App – For mobilization of mental health resources after natura disasters
  • Suicide Assessment and Prevention
    • Virtual HopeBox – VA developed app to support clients experiencing suicidal
    • Suicide Safe – SAMHSA Take 5 Suicide Assessment Resource for clinicians
  • Licensing and Comprehensive Exam Preparation
    • NCE Counselor Exam Prep

I also regularly used the BOXI to help display student group work and to serve as a backup when the IT supplied projector was either malfunctioning or was not delivered. This was wonderful as it would prevent my lecture from being derailed by inadequate technology support.

Additionally, the access to an iPad alone was helpful in terms of supporting my prep for classes and my own research. Using the BrowZine app from the library helped me to stay up on current literature for my classes and access materials to help update my courses regularly. I also was able to use the app PenUltimate to keep track of meetings with students and their progress throughout the course of the semester in a way that was more environmentally friendly and functional. Having an iPad to use to support my work throughout the semester was very useful.