Haider Khaleel

Tools for teaching Evaluation Report

Discuss how the project impacted your teaching

The tips on how to manage the class during hot moments in class, and dealing with diverse students [especially avoiding some teaching examples so as not to be interpreted in a wrong way by minorities, which is the case in engineering due to low female student enrollment] were very helpful. Also, I was not aware of CAPS resources which are of a great help. Moreover, Effective Grading book is excellent, although some contents are common sense, there are some really helpful tips. I also have implemented some of the techniques suggested by Mathew regarding grading term papers (underlining, and not to edit!).

Discuss how the time spent learning the technologies impacted you

Interacting and sharing situations with such a wonderful group was really great. Two hours sessions passed like 15 minutes! Very interesting tips and case studies which will definitely increase my confidence in dealing with similar situations.

Any data summaries from student surveys related to the project or pertinent student

Currently, I do not have any data since I am on a paternity leave. Effective grading is the only technique learned in the workshop that I am applying currently since I am still responsible of doing some grading in my classes. Also, I am currently implementing course syllabi for next Fall, and I am already using bits from the sample syllabus provided in the workshop which I think is extremely helpful.

Either recommend, or not, if the project should be offered again, and why

I highly recommend that this workshop to be offered again, maybe once a year. I just wished I could have been exposed to such techniques and information in my first years semester at SSU. New hires should be a priority when it comes to signup in such workshops.