Kyuho Lee

Self Reflection on the Tools for Teaching Workshops

I found the Tools for Teaching Workshop series very informative and useful. Theworkshop series encompassed a number of critical topics related to teaching -- ranging from effective grading to managing hot moments in the classroom. Each section of the workshop was effectively integrated to cover a number of aspects of teaching.

The structure of the workshops facilitated open discussion among the participants. Workshop participants shared their stories and issues they have faced in the classroom. I learned a lot from my colleagues through their teaching stories. I also learned that there are a number of SSU policies and procedures that I should abide by if I encounter certain situations in the classroom. For example, SSU has a policy to handle disruptive student behavior in the classroom. I did not even know that this policy existed before I attended the workshops.

In addition, Professor Callahan provided the theoretical foundations for effective teaching based on his research. He posted all the workshop materials on Moodle so that the participants can use them in the future.

In sum, all the workshops were very helpful and will help me enhance my teaching. I want to thank Professor Callahan and Ann Steckel, Director of Educational Design and Innovation, for offering this great series of teaching workshops.