Emily Acosta Lewis

Tools for Teaching Workshop Series

This teaching workshop series was incredibly valuable and has and will continue toimpact my teaching in the future. I thought that Matthew was an incredible workshop facilitator who clearly is well-qualified to be leading such teaching and classroom management workshops. His approach to the topics was straightforward, interesting, and extremely helpful. I would absolutely partake in another workshop series led by Matthew.

The time spent with my peers has been really valuable, especially as a newer junior faculty on campus. It was great to have the opportunity to interact with other faculty who have had some of the same teaching issues that I have. It was also helpful to bounce ideas off each other and talk openly about potential classroom issues that may arise and ways to improve them. I thoroughly enjoyed my time getting to know others in the group and would love to continue being involved in workshops (or even better, workshop series) that allow my colleagues and I to learn from each other and talk more about teaching and the classroom environment. I believe that it would be useful to have more interaction between departments to facilitate cross-department collaboration, research, guest lectures, etc.

I really thought that the topics covered in the workshops were very helpful and practical. I think that all of the topics should be covered again in future workshops. Additionally, I would love to see workshops on topics such as teaching millennials; how to incorporate service-learning in the classroom; ways to engage students using new media/technology tools; tools for teaching mid-size classes (40-70) and large classes (70 plus); how to handle large advising loads more effectively; ways to incorporate on-campus lectures/programming/performances into the classroom; etc.

I absolutely think that this series should be offered again. I believe it was an incredibly valuable and important workshop series. All of the topics that we covered were extremely practical and helpful to help improve our own teaching. We don’t have the opportunity to attend enough professional development workshops and one like this on very specific topics each session was very helpful. Not only did we learn usable skills for the classroom, but we were able to connect with other faculty from around campus that we may not have met otherwise. I would love to have the opportunity to participate in more workshops like this one related to practical issues that arise in the classroom setting or ways to improve teaching. I believe that all faculty on campus could improve their teaching and classroom management skills by participating in such a workshop series. I also think that incentivizing these workshops with stipends will help to improve participation and attendance.