Front Desk

The following SSU employees can be contacted in the Faculty Center:

Robert Bach, B.A., LMS Support Consultant

  • Areas of specialty:
    Moodle LMS, Google Apps, Qualtrics Surveys and Assessments, Zoom Web Conferencing, Turnitin, Learning Glass, Graphic Design

Matthew Callahan, Ph.D., Instructional Consultant

  • Areas of specialty:
    course design, teaching strategies, creating effective tests and assignments, and interpreting student ratings, curriculum planning, program assessment, classroom management, course design and alignment, syllabi evaluation, and teaching diverse students

Kristin Denver, Psy.D, Instructional Designer

  • Areas of specialty:
    Instructional Design, Faculty Coaching, Moodle (LMS), Zoom (Web Conferencing), Instruction

Martha Ezell, M.Ed., Academic Technology Consultant

  • Areas of specialty:
    Moodle Learning Management System, video production, online learning Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning

Noelia Franzen, M.A. Ed., Academic Technology Manager

  • Areas of specialty:
    Instructional Design, Course Redesign with Technlogy, Moodle, LMS course accessibility, Zoom (Web Conferencing), Turnitin, ePortfolio, Affordable Learning Solutions

Tim Hensel, B.A., Information Technology Consultant

  • Areas of specialty:
    Moodle, Digital Graphics, Camtasia screencasting, and video

Ash Klein, B.A., Administrative Coordinator

  • 707-664-3584
  • Schulz 1111
  • Areas of specialty:
    Project management, content management, Zoom (Web Conferencing), graphic design

Joel Gould, B.A., LMS Project Research Lead

  • Areas of specialty:
    Instructional Design, Media Production, Web and Graphic Design, Surveys and Assessments, Classroom Technology Integration

Justin W. Lipp, Ph.D., Faculty Center Director

  • Areas of specialty:
    Faculty development, educational technology, analytics, evaluation and assessment