The California Legislature passed the Financial Integrity and State Manager’s Accountability Act (FISMA) of 1983. This act requires state agencies to establish and maintain a system of internal accounting and administrative control. To ensure that the requirements of this act are fully complied with, state entities with internal audit units are to complete biennial internal control audits (covering accounting and fiscal compliance practices) in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Institute of Internal Auditors) as required by Government Code, Section 1236. The Office of the University Auditor of the California State University (CSU) is currently responsible for conducting such audits within the CSU.

Sonoma State University (SSU) management is responsible for establishing and maintaining adequate internal control. This responsibility, in accordance with Government Code, Sections 13402 et seq., includes documenting internal control, communicating requirements to employees, and assuring that internal control is functioning as prescribed. In fulfilling this responsibility, estimates and judgments by management are required to assess the expected benefits and related costs of control procedures.

The objectives of accounting and administrative control are to provide management with reasonable, but not absolute, assurance that:

  • Assets are safeguarded against loss from unauthorized use or disposition.

  • Transactions are executed in accordance with management’s authorization and recorded properly to permit the preparation of reliable financial statements.

  • Financial operations are conducted in accordance with policies and procedures established in the State Administrative Manual, Education Code, Title 5, and Trustee policy.

Links to Audit Reports

All audits performed can be found at the CSU's Internal Audit Homepage. The following are direct links to the audit reports for SSU.