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Welcome to the Facilities Management website. Facilities Management is a department of “People for People”. The hope is that this website will prove useful to you, by introducing you to our excellent staff and to acquaint you with the services we provide.

Facilities Management is in a stewardship role for the largest capital asset on campus, buildings and infrastructure and we understand our responsibility and are accountable for the assets entrusted in us. We are dedicated to providing timely, high quality, hands on service in support of the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the University. We sincerely believe that we have the best possible work force to help us meet our goals, from operation and maintenance of all university facilities to landscaping, housekeeping, Capital Planning, Design and Construction, and the front office staff who handle and coordinate the department’s administrative function including work order flow control from the campus community.

“Communication - Transparency - Teamwork”

We make every effort to keep the website information as current as possible, including construction projects in progress. If you feel we have excluded anything that would assist you in understanding the services we provide and what we do for Sonoma State University please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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