SSUFixit: Maintenance Work Orders

Facilities Management

Facilities Management staff is committed to providing outstanding customer service. The staff records and processes requests through a computerized maintenance management system called MetaBIM.

After Hours

If you have a maintenance emergency after normal business hours (8:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M.), please call the Central Plant at 707-664-2136. If you are a resident and have a maintenance emergency, please contact the on-call RA. If you are a university staff member and have a non-maintenance emergency between the hours of 10:00 P.M.-8:00 A.M., please contact University Police at 707-664-4444.

If you notice any regular maintenance items on the campus that need attention, submit your request online (see link below) or call the Seawolf Services Maintenance Request line at (707)-664-4021. An example of regular maintenance request could be a burned out light, a room that is too hot or cold, a spill or mess that needs attention, plumbing fixtures that are not functioning correctly, a door lock that is jammed, or a leaky ceiling, etc.

Access the Maintenance Request Form

  1. Access the SSUFixit Maintenance Request web form to submit a work request.
  2. Login using your Seawolf user ID and password. Once logged in, go to bottom of page and click on Public Dashboard on the left hand side.

Completing the Maintenance Request Form

  1. Enter contact name, number and email address. This will prepopulate because the system is authenicating with single sign-on.
  2. Indicate if this request is for a resident living on-camups.
  3. Enter alternate contact information in case you are unavailable or if you are completing this for someone else. When you click submit, the contact and alternate will both receive an automated email.
  4. Type in the building or property. As you start to type the system wil suggest specific areas. Select the building or continue typing until you see the area. After the building click the space bar and then the room numbers will start to appear.
  5. Enter the complete description of your request in the "Description" section including the problem and any additional details that would be helpful for Facilities Management staff to know.
  6. Select the Division or Department from the drop down box in the box "Name of Organization, Department or Tenant" field. If you selected yes to the student housing space question then these fields are now visible.
  7. Chart-field field is for Faculty and Staff use only. Please refer to the common list of billlable items or review the Service Level Commitment to determine if this is billable. If a chartfield string is not provided and is needed, the requestor will be notified via email to provide Facilities Management with a chartfield string.
  8. If you would like a quote prior to the billable work being started, please click Yes.
  9. Enter a preferred completion date. Completion depends on availability of staff and materials and other higher priority jobs.
  10. Click Submit. Once submitted an auto generated email will be sent to you with the details you submitted.

Residents Living on Campus

By placing a maintenance request, you are giving Facilities Management the right to enter the residence without someone being present. Facilities will knock first before entering. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, work requests will be completed within two business days. Work will not commence prior to 9 A.M. unless there is an emergency repair needed such as a plumbing issue. Any costs associated with damage or cleaning repairs will be charged to your chousing account by Campus Housing.

Facilities Management office hours are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M, Monday through Friday and can be reached at 707-664-2317 to follow up on a maintenance request.