Maintenance Services

MaintenanceOur Operations Manager ensures that all trades are responsive to the campus community needs and coordinates all trades on special projects.

The Operations Team has many years of experience and possess expertise in maintainenance repairs and new construction on the campus. On average, the team responds to over 15,000 work orders annually; bringing to the campus many years of extensive experience and dedication to personal customer service.

What We Do

We provide all work associated with the interior and exterior building structure and components; maintaining 2,288,245 square feet of space on the main campus.

We are dedicated to providing a quick response to all issues related to building security and personal safety.

Our services are provided to all general fund supported University facilities and vehicles. Non-general fund supported facilities and programs may be provided service on a chargeback basis.

Typical Services

  • Repair to doors and door jambs.
  • Repair to floors.
  • Replacement of ceiling tiles.
  • Repair/replacement of wall systems.
  • Installation and repair to windows and window coverings.
  • Installation of cabinets, bookshelves, and counters.
  • Installation/relocation of keyboard trays.

For maintenance information in the Residential Living Area, please go to SSUFixit - Make a Work Order.


Assembly of furniture is the responsibility of the owner/user.  As an option, the owner or user should contact the furniture vendor for furniture assembly options.

Campus tools and equipment are not available to loan out.