Auto Shop

Auto services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of approximately 140 University owned vehicles, electric and gas powered carts as well as landscaping movers and equipment.

Typical services include:

  • Troubleshoot University owned electric or gas-powered carts and vehicles.
  • Removal of bike locks. (Requires Police Service's authorization and presence.)
  • Service University vehicles.

Facilities Management has been assigned as a point of control for Sonoma State University state owned or leased vehicles and electric and gas carts as required by Executive Order 691 and Educational Code 89031.5 and California State University – Use of University and Private Vehicles Policy Guidelines.

Facilities Management Motor Vehicle Program (PDF)


The auto mechanics are dedicated to providing a quick response to broken down University vehicles and electric or gas-powered carts.

Special Note

Police Services assists with “jump starts” for private vehicles. It is the owner’s responsibility to contact Emergency Roadside Assistance or a private party for all other vehicles issues.