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The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment at Sonoma State University is actively engaged in multiple outreach and recruitment programs to disseminate admissions information, generate applications and enroll students from diverse backgrounds. The goal s of these efforts are to generate a healthy diverse applicant pool and to support campus wide student applicant conversion efforts, ultimately leading to a diverse class of new students enrolled each year.

Diversity Recruitment Events:

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment coordinates several Recruitment and Yield events throughout the year, often time collaborating with other departments, staff or SSU students. Below is a list of events that took place 2010-2011 school year:

July - Marin Education Fund Summer Institute

Partnership with Marin Educational Fund, a week long residential program at Sonoma State University. The participants are 30 identified first generation college students from four local high schools. The program enabled students to experience living on a college campus for a week along with providing intensive college admissions preparation workshops. The program was extremely successful with MEF and led the way for our next venture with MEF, "College Student for a Day."

9/21-9/24 - Higher Ed Week-Lake & Mendocino Counties

Partnership with UC Office of the President, LCOE, MCOE and SSU to promote higher education as part of the College Going Initiative in these counties trying to make a change to a college going culture. Week long intensive recruitment event presenting CSU/SSU info as well as Application Workshops and evening parent presentations.

10/9 - SSU Counselor Connection Workshop

Offered to specific local area High School & Community College Counselors, maximum capacity of 100. Two tracks of workshops specific to student group providing updated admissions information as well as information about specific SSU programs. Focus on assistance for first generation college students.

11/18 - Marin Ed. Fund-College Student For A Day

Group of first generation prospective college students will be visiting SSU, participating in a mock lecture, taking a campus tour, and listen to a panel of current SSU students discuss their experience as a student of color at SSU.

12/11 - West Angeles COGIC Overnight Visit

Students will be bussed up from Los Angeles to spend the night with current students, attend information sessions regarding admissions, housing, EOP, etc.

2/20 - Adelante Jovenes, Lake County

Provide a workshop to Latino migrant students in Lake County regarding how to prepare for admissions to Sonoma State. Current SSU students (Lambda Theta Nu & Nu Alpha Kappa) will provide a student panel to talk about the "trials & triumphs" of going to college as a first generation college student.

3/15-3/26 - Diversity Phone Campaign

Students from the various ICC clubs/orgs are invited to call all students that identify themselves as a student of color. Any faculty/staff would be invited to participate as well. Hosted and supervised in the Office of Admissions from 6-9pm for three weeks.

March 27 - Latino Family Summit

Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment works with Lambda Theta Nu & Nu Alpha Kappa to present workshops for students, Admissions presents workshops for parents regarding importance of higher education, financial aid, cultural empowerment, and leadership. Goal: 250 participants Program is done entirely in Spanish.

4/17 - East Bay Sleeping Bag Weekend

Invite students from the East Bay Initiative target schools for an overnight program during Seawolf Day. SSU students will host.

April - YBS Sleeping Bag Weekend

YBS Weekend: Invite students from the Los Angeles Young Black Scholars Program to an overnight program consisting of workshops and student panels. Ask SSU students to be hosts

5/15 - Black Family Summit

Saturday of workshops with different tracks for parents and students. Families invited from Sonoma County, Armijo, Vallejo, Hogan, and Eastbay Initiative schools. Provide three buses


Diversity Recruitment College Fairs:

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment attends a number of college fairs throughout the state, including fairs that target specific groups of prospective students. Below is a list of targeted recruitment fairs that our department attends.

National Hispanic College FairsSan Francisco, Stockton, San Jose, San Diego
Super Sunday College FairsLos Angeles, Hayward
Super Sunday Bay AreaSF, Oakland, San Jose, Richmond Churches
East Bay Consortium College FairUC Berkeley
Chicano/Latino Youth Leadership Conf.Sacramento
Asian College FairSan Fran, San Jose


Diversity Recruitment Partnerships:

Building partnerships is the most effective way to be successful in our diversity recruitment efforts. The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has developed partnerships with various types of agencies and schools to provide services to first generation students and students from diverse backgrounds. Below is an example of some of our partnerships:

Project SOAR II:

Project SOAR is a gear up program sponsored by CSU East Bay located within the Oakland Unified School District focusing on a cohort of students that they began working with in 7th grade. These students are now in their junior year of high school at various campuses within Oakland and have received many services to prepare them to be CSU eligible. Sonoma State is the only university that has developed a partnership with Project SOAR, allowing us access to all 2000 high school juniors. We will be presenting college admissions information, SSU information, providing campus visits, and taking current SSU students to their high schools to meet with them.

UC Berkeley Upward Bound, Solano County:

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has developed a partnership to work with UC Berkeley's Upward Bound program located in the Solano County Unified School District to help provide professional development training to their staff as well as giving us full access to the students enrolled in the program. We will provide the students with admissions workshops, SSU information, campus tours, and a student panel.

Public School Success Team in Healdsburg:

SSU has an MOU with this group who adopted a fifth grade class from Fitch Elementary School in Healdsburg. Sonoma State University guarantees admission to the students when they graduate from high school in seven years. The group provides mentoring, tutoring and a scholarship to the students from fifth through 12th grade. The ultimate goal of the group is to adopt all fifth grade classes at the elementary school. In the next few years the students with their mentors will visit Sonoma State, learn about financial aid, admission requirements, and so on. Sonoma State stands to benefit in the future.

UC Office of the President:

Sonoma State University entered a partnership with the UC Office of the President to create a "college going culture" in SSU's two most rural counties, Lake and Mendocino. This collaborative initiative will have SSU participating in hosting campus tours to target high schools in this region, giving high school presentations to both students and parents, and collaborating with high school and county of education personnel to reach our goal of increasing the number of students from Lake and Mendocino counties that are eligible to enter the CSU and UC systems.

University Support & Preparation Services-Seawolf Passport Program

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has developed an MOU with the SSU Office of University Support & Preparation Services to provide two programs to their students as part of the Seawolf Passport Program. The first program is an Admissions Guarantee for Upward Bound and Talent Search Students that is signed as they are accepted into the Seawolf Passport Program in 9th grade. This is a contract the students will sign agreeing to complete minimum CSU eligibility requirements by the end of their senior year in high school. In turn, if the student meets CSU eligibility requirements then the Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment will guarantee their admission to the university. This is to help encourage low income first generation college students from within our local service area to pursue higher education, particularly at Sonoma State University.

During their senior year, Upward Bound and Talent Search students will be able to take advantage of the Freshman Instant Admissions Program provided by the staff of Admissions & Student Recruitment. During a Saturday Academy when the Pre College Students are on SSU's campus, our staff will meet with each student to evaluate them in the same manner as the Freshman Instant Admissions program outlined previously.

Elsie Allen University Center

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has partnered with Elsie Allen's High School University Center. The department will provide preadmissions information presentations, application workshops, and freshman instant admissions to the students enrolled in the University Center program.

Roseland University Prep

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has developed a long standing relationship with the staff and students of Roseland University Prep. The department provides preadmissions presentations for students and parents of RUP, we provide the students with a Group Tour package, as well as applications workshops for seniors and freshman instant admissions.

Marin Educational Fund

The Marin Educational Fund is a program that targets first generation low income students from within Marin County, providing college admissions advising and financial assistance. The Marin Educational Fund has expanded to include Sonoma County and has held their first Summer Institute Program at SSU during the summer of 09. In addition we will be partnering with the program to develop the mentoring program for our local area students. During the Fall semester we will host "College Student For a Day" allowing high school students a sneak peek into the daily routine of a college student, attending mock classes and meeting current SSU students.

Parent Institute For Quality Education PIQUE

PIQUE is a program that brings schools, parents and community together as equal partners in the education of every child to provide all students with the option and access of a postsecondary education. PIQUE provides a nine week parent education program to inform and educate parents on how to prepare their students to be CSU eligible. SSU works with the Chancellor's Office to provide funding for this program as well as participates as presenters for several of their workshops.


Bilingual Outreach & Services:

In response to Sonoma County's growing population of Latinos, the Office of Admissions has developed several ways to outreach to the community in Spanish.

La Voz Newspaper:

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has taken out a monthly add in this popular bilingual newspaper that is read throughout Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino & Napa counties. The advertisement not only educates people about the university but also identifies Magali Telles as the point of contact for Spanish speaking prospective students.

Radio Lazer:

We have developed a partnership with Radio Lazer, Sonoma County's premier Spanish radio station, providing PSAs, interviews, and advertisements about Sonoma State in Spanish.

Prospective Students Website-Parents Espanol:

The Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment has developed a page for Spanish speaking parents of prospective students to learn more about Sonoma State and the admissions requirements.

Bilingual Admissions Presentations/Tours/Student Panels:

The Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment has positioned itself with several staff members and student assistants that can provide various outreach services in Spanish to both prospective students, their parents, or the community at large. We regularly provide admissions presentations to parents in Spanish, provide campus tours in Spanish and even take bilingual students to various high schools to take part in student panels.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN ANY OF THE RECRUITMENT EFFORTS LISTED ABOVE PLEASE CONTACT Gina Geck, Associate Director of Admissions & Student Recruitment gina.geck@sonoma.edu (707) 664 3035