Asia Concentration

Advising Sheet

III. Concentration Courses (20 units)

Students must take four survey courses from Group I, and and choose two Arts and Humanities classes (Group II) to meet the minimum 20 unit requirement. No courses used to satisfy Basic Area requirements may be used to satisfy the Concentration requirements.

    Group I: History and Political Science (select four)
    • HIST338: Early Japan to 1600 (4)
    • HIST438: Modern Japan (4)
    • HIST335: Early China to 1500 (4)
    • HIST435: History of Modern China (4)
    • HIST346: Class and Gender in Modern East Asia (4)
    • HIST498: Senior Sem: The Pacific since 1500 (4)
    • HIST498: Senior Sem: Asian Revolutions (4)
    • POLS450: The Politics of Asia (4)
    • POLS345: Model United Nations (when Asian topic)
    Group II: Arts and Humanities(choose different departments)
    • ArtH474: Islamic Art (4)
    • ArtH480: Selected Topics: (when Asian Topic) (4)
    • LIBS320C: The Arts & Human Experience: (when Asian Topic) (3)
    • MUSIC351: Sacred Traditions of South Asia (3)
    • MUSIC352: The Society and Musical Traditions of South Asia (3)
    • PSY342: Psychology of Meditation (3-4)
    • PSY352: Psychology of Yoga (3-4)
    • PHIL390: Advanced Topics in Philosophy (when Asian Topic) (4)