Latin America Concentration

Advising Sheet

III. Concentration Courses (20 units)

Students must take two survey courses from Group I, and choose more Elective Courses to meet the 20 unit minimum. No courses used to satisfy Basic Area requirements may be used to satisfy the Concentration requirements.

    Group I: Survey Courses (select at least two)
    • GEOG392: Latin American Culture and Environment (4)
    • HIST339: Ancient and Colonial Latin America (4)
    • HIST342: Modern Latin America (4)
    • POLS453: Political Systems of Latin America (4)
    • SPAN307: Cultures of Latin America (4)
    Group II: Elective Courses
    • GEOG314D: Field Experience (when L.A. country) (2-3)
    • ECON403a: Seminar in International Economic Development (4)
    • HIST348: Race and Ethnicity in Latin America (4)
    • HIST433: History of Mexico (4)
    • HIST449: Gender and Sexuality in Latin America (4)
    • SPAN402: Latin American Literature (4)
    • SPAN491: Seminar in Literature (when L.A. focus) (4)
    • POLS345: Model United Nations (when L.A. focus) (4)