The Minor

The Global Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for international or intercultural service through the study of other cultures, world history, political and economic systems, world geography and environment, cross-cultural communication and a modern language.

The Curriculum

Advising Sheet

With the exception of courses taken to fulfill the language skills requirement, only 4 units may double count with a student’s GE requirements. Students who have met requirements through GE will take additional elective classes to meet the 20 unit minimum.

I. Core Requirements

    Language skills (0-5 units)
    • Students will demonstrate an intermediate-low level proficiency in a foreign language. This may be met by taking a foreign language course at the 102 level or higher.
    Global Cultures (choose one)
    • ANTH203: Cultural Anthropology  D1 (3)
    • GEOG203: Human Geography  D2,(3)
    Economic Perspectives
    • ECON204: Macroeconomics   D5 (4)
    Historical Perspectives
    • HIST 380: 20th Century World D2 (3)
    Global Issues (both required)
    • GLBL300: Local Responses to Global Issues D1 (3)
    • GEOG302: World Regions in Global Context D5 (4)
    Globalization and its Social Impact (choose one)
    • ANTH352: Global Issues (4)
    • GEOG322: Liberation Ecologies: Globalization, Environments and Social Movements (4)
    • WGS385: Gender and Globalization (4)

II. Elective Courses (take additional classes to meet 20 unit min.)

  • ANTH352: Global Issues (4)
  • ANTH354: Quest for the Other: Toursim and Culture (4)
  • BUS393: Introduction to International Business (4)
  • COMS321: International Communications (4)
  • ECON303: International Economics (4)
  • ENSP330: Energy, Technology, and Society (4)
  • GEOG322: Liberation Ecologies: Globalztn, Environ. and Social Movmnts. (4)
  • GEOG335: Global Agricultural Systems and Issues (4)
  • GEOG345: Tourism Geographies (4)
  • POLS304: Introduction to International Relations (4)
  • POLS345: Model United Nations (4)
  • POLS 447: Nonviolent Strategies in International Relations (4)
  • POLS 448: Political Violence, Terrorism and Law (4)
  • POLS452: Third World Political Systems (4)
  • POLS498: International Political Economy (4)
  • WGS385: Gender and Globalization (4)