Bachelor of Science in Geology

This plan is intended to give the student basic professional competence in geology. A calculus-based series of support courses is highly recommended for students intending to pursue a more quantitative geoscience career. It provides an excellent foundation for graduate school or a professional career in the geosciences.

Geology Advising Sheet

Here is a Sample Program.


Degree Requirements Units
Major requirements (including technical electives) 50
Support courses (Physics, Computer Science and Mathematics) 22-24
GE Courses (excluding units in support courses) 41*
General Electives 5-7
Total units for graduation 120

Geology Units
GEOL 205/205a: Mineralogy 4/1
GEOL 303: Advanced Principles of Geology 4*
GEOL 304: Geologic Mapping & Report Writing 1
GEOL 307: Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology 4
GEOL 308: Igneous & Metamorphic Field 1
GEOL 309: Computer Application in Geology 4
GEOL 311: Sedimentary Geology 4
GEOL 312: Sedimentary Geology Field 1
GEOL 313: Paleontology 4
GEOL 314: Paleontology Field 1
GEOL 317: Structural Geology 4
GEOL 318: Structural Geology Field 1
GEOL 420: Integrative Field Experience 4
GEOL 427: Advanced Field Geology 4
Subtotal 41

Chemistry Units
CHEM 115AB: General Chemistry 10
Subtotal 10

Physics Units
PHYS 114: Introduction to Physics I 4
or PHYS 210A: General Physics 4
PHYS 116: Introductory Lab Experience 1
or PHYS 209A: General Physics Laboratory 1
PHYS 214: Introduction to Physics II 4
or PHYS 210B: General Physics 4
PHYS 216: Introductory Laboratory 1
or PHYS 209B: General Physics Laboratory 1
Subtotal 10

Mathematics Units
MATH 161: Calculus 1 with Analytic Geometry 4*
Subtotal 4

General Education
(excluding Math, Physics and CS courses)
ENGL 101: Expository Writing & Analytical Reading 4
$Remaining GE courses 37
Subtotal 41


$A list of recommended GE courses for BSEE major can be found at the department website or obtained from the department office.

*The standard 51 units of GE are reduced by 3 units each from GEOL 102, GEOL 303 & MATH 161, which are major requirements. These three classes satisfy requirments in GE categories B1, B3 & B4, respectvely.