CIGA Projects

2017-present NASA.  $1,304,487. From Soundscapes to Landscapes: Monitoring Animal Biodiversity from Space Using Citizen Scientists (PI: M. Clark)

2016-present NASA. $200,000. EdgeCube: A 1U Global Monitor for Earth's Ecosystems (PI: L. Cominsky; co-I: M. Clark)

2012-present NASA. $604,000. HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Activities and Associated Science – Spectral and temporal discrimination of vegetation cover across California with simulated HyspIRI imagery (PI: M. Clark)

2007-2012 National Science Foundation. $1,500,000. The impact of economic globalization on human demography, land use, and natural systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. (PIs: M. Aide, M. Clark, D. Carr, M. Levy, L. Balk)

2007 Gnomon, Inc. $36,095. OHP/NRCS GIS Project: Development of a GIS database of California historical resources. (PI: M. Clark)

2007 University Enterprises, Inc. and California Department of Parks and Recreation. $9,600. Spatial database development for Marin District state parks. (PI: M. Clark)

2007 California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. $39,748. Spatial database development of timber harvest plans. (PI: M. Clark)

2006 California Department of Parks and Recreation. $23,832. Development of a GIS database of California historical resources. (PI: M. Clark)

2003 - 05 USDA Forest Service and California Department of Forestry. $156,448. Influence of land-use history and vertebrates on the occurrence and spread of Phytophthora ramorum (PIs: H. Cushman and R. Meentemeyer)

2003 - 04 USDA Forest Service. $70,000. Ground surveying for Phytophthora ramorum detection in the California coast ranges (PIs: R. Meentemeyer and W. Mark)

2002 - 06 National Science Foundation. $810,657. Spatial modeling of a biological invasion: the spread of Sudden Oak Death and the importance of host genetics, environmental forcings, and community structure (PI: Ross Meentemeyer, co-PIs: H. Cushman, N. Rank, D. Rizzo, R. Whitkus)

2002 - 05 California State University Agriculture Research Initiative. $430,272. Sudden Oak Death distribution, detection, ecological impact, control, and spread modeling (PIs: W. Mark and R. Meentemeyer)

2002 - 05 California Department of Forestry. $151,400. Modeling the risk of Sudden Oak Death for California (PI: R. Meentemeyer)

2002 California State Parks. $50,000. Point Arena Mountain Beaver habitat protection and restoration plan (PIs: P. Northen, K. Fitts, R. Meentemeyer)

2002 California Academy of Sciences. $2,345. Modeling spatial patterns of Yellow Starthistle abundance, Pepperwood Preserve (PI: R. Meentemeyer)

2002 Contra Costa County. $12,972. Transportation network mapping (PI: R. Meentemeyer)

2001 California State Parks. $34,000. Species-level vegetation mapping using high-resolution multi-spectral aircraft imagery, Sugarloaf Ridge State Park and Benicia State Recreation Area (PIs: R. Meentemeyer and R. Hunter)

2001 U.S. Forest Service. $10,000. Navigational mapping for the systematic field survey of Sudden Oak Death in California (PI: R. Meentemeyer)

2001 Sonoma County Fish & Wildlife Advisory Board. $36,000. Mapping Sudden Oak Death using ADAR imagery (PIs: R. Meentemeyer and M. Kelly)

2001 Sonoma State University, RSCAP Mini Grant. $3,500. Forecasting the spread of Sudden Oak Death in Sonoma County (PI: R. Meentemeyer)

Relationships between Temperature Change and Vegetation in the Americas, Judd Reed, 2007 (PDF)

Land Use Suitability Analysis for the Gravenstein Highway Corridor Study Plan, Shota Murase, 2007 (PDF)

Modeling the Risk of Bicycle-Vehicle Collisions on Sonoma County Roads, Rebecca Davenport, 2003 (PDF)

Habitat Suitability Modeling for the Point Arena Mountain Beaver, Roy Jackson, 2002 (PDF)

GIS Hydrologic Modeling in Copeland Creek , Sonoma County, Elizabeth Lotz, 2001 (PDF)

Modeling Spatial Patterns in Yellow Starthistle, Pepperwood Preserve (Ethan Frommholz, 2001 (PDF)