Scholarships within the Department of Environmental Studies and Planning

While the Scholarship Office at SSU offers numerous merit-based scholarships based on criteria such as GPA and career interests, below are several scholarship opportunities especially targeted to ENSP majors (including some for ENSP majors who are interested in the teaching profession).

In order to apply for a scholarship, you must be attending SSU or have applied for admission to SSU. There is only one form to use for all scholarships. It is available on-line or at the Scholarship Office September 15th and is due by January 15th for the Fall semester of the following academic year. There is a minimum cumulative GPA requirement.

The Scholarship Office is located in Salazar Hall, Room 1050 and can be reached by phone at 707/664-2261 or via their web site

Environmental Scholarships:

  • Kenneth M. Stocking Scholarship. ENSP major.
  • Orey L. Riley Memorial Scholarship. ENSP major.
  • David B. Elder Memorial Scholarship. ENSP major. Prefer involvement and practicality; CA resident; So. Co. high school.
  • Melissa Lindsay Brown Scholarship. Female; CA H.S. grad; ENSP or Geology major; career interest in Environmental Geology.
  • Carlos Asa Call Scholarship. Geography, Biology, or ENSP major. Prefer interest in climatology, etc.

Education Scholarships:

Note: These could be awarded to ENSP students pursuing the Environmental Education Study Plan

  • George H. and Lucy Cassidy Memorial Scholarship. Female; Plans to teach; Prefer Sonoma Valley and financial need.
  • Gertrude D. Cassidy Memorial Scholarship. Female; plans to teach; prefer Sonoma Valley and financial need.
  • Teacher Education Scholarship. Planning to teach in grades K-8. Betty Riess Scholarship.  Global Studies and Environmental Studies major. Two awards.
  • Bob Sharp Environmental Scholarship.  Environmental Studies or Biology major with significant contributions to the field.
  • Peacock Garden Club of Marin.  Botany or Environmental Studies major.

Research and Writing Award: 

Nancy Foster Glasmeier Research and Writing Award. This research award is for outstanding undergraduates engaged in projects addressing pressing environmental issues. All ENSP majors are eligible to apply. The funds may be used for educational and project-related expenses. For information, contact Karen Targett at or 707/664-2306.

Miscellaneous Scholarships:

  • NoGAP (National Graduate School Achievement Program) is a federal TRiO grant project part of the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program named after the scientist/astronaut who was killed in the Challenger shuttle.  This program extends funds to assist 25 undergraduate students continue their postsecondary studies at a Ph.D.-granting institution of their choice.  Eligible SSU students must be low-income/first-generation students or students belonging to one of three ethnic minority groups:  African-American, Hispanic, or American Indian/Alaskan Native.  Interested students should go to the project offices in Salazar hall 1040 and pick up an application.