Student Assitanceships

Types of Student Assistanceships

GEP has two types of student assistanceship. Students may be either a student assistant for a particular class for credit (also known as a teaching assistant) or they may take on a paid role as a student assistant.

Teaching Assistant.

Teaching assistants receive units for their work with an instructor to provide support for a class and to provide the student with training in teaching practices. In GEP the units are applied to their academic record by the use of the class GEP 419. When undertaking units for Teaching Assistant in GEP you will be signing up to units as you would any other class, instructor permission is required and so a permission code will be needed which your instructor will request for you.

Guidelines for Teaching Assistants

Student Assistant.

Typically GEP has positions each year for garden assistants, GEP Forum assistant, and ETC assistant. These positions are advertised both on this website and by email on the listserve. Some years the positions may change or not be available due to program changes. Students will be required to complete the employment process prior to undertaking any hours.

Employee services guidelines for student assistants

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