Transfer Students Advising Sessions

Welcome to Sonoma State University.  When you have received your official acceptance letter as a transfer student, our faculty recommend that you register for a Transfer Orientation.  Dates and times should be outlined in your acceptance letter.

During the orientation, you will be given a campus tour, attend transfer advising sessions, receive group and individual advising in ENSP and register for your first semester at SSU.

Prior to attending this session, bring the Degree Progress Report, which you access on CMS/ Peoplesoft and can print out on your computer. The Degree Progress Report shows what GE courses you've been given credit for, and which GE requirements must still be completed.  This form is essential so that your advisor can see what GE requirements you've been given credit for by SSU.  If you have difficulty accessing this form, please contact the ENSP Department and we will assist you.

In order for you to understand what courses have transferred, please complete the 48 Unit Transfer GE Pattern . This document is invaluable to you as you complete your coursework at SSU as it summarizes the GE Pattern.  All transfer students must complete 48 units of GE.  In addition, all incoming transfer students must take 3 upper division GE courses (courses at the 300 level and above) in at least two different GE areas—after Junior status is attained.

Advice for Registration

During the first and second registration periods, the University will notify you of your registration date and time before registration begins. Registration can be done at home on your computer, linking online to the SSU registration page. Registration is done through a CMS system called Peoplesoft. All course information, GE information, and registration information is online. You should access the registration pages on CMS before your registration time so that you know how to use the system. Use the Help button on the CMS page for a tutorial on how to register.

If the registration system does not allow you to enroll for courses, you should immediately contact the ENSP Office at 664-2306, or email the professor who is teaching course.  The professor’s name and contact information can be found on the Faculty Office Hours page. The instructor will notify the ENSP Admin. Coordinator and they will give you access to the course.  This is called "permissioning". You are still required to register yourself through Peoplesoft after the permissioning occurs. 

During late registration you may access your PeopleSoft account and enter into the registration system, adding or deleting your chosen classes. Remember that when an instructor permissions you into a restricted class, you must still add the class on PeopleSoft.